How to Name a Spa?

Every spa owner needs a great catchy name for his or her business. But how to come up with it, especially when it seems that all great ideas are already used? The careful analysis of already existing names and their classification will help entrepreneurs create their own unique brand. So, if you are going to start your own business in the sphere of beauty and relaxation, look through the list of the spa names in the USA and read the description of each group of brands – we hope that this will inspire business owners, and they will come up with the original name easily.

How to name a spa?

Most of the spa names are thematic, i.e. they are associated with relaxation, pleasure or beauty. However, they may also be specialized, for instance, the inclusion of the word ‘massage’ or ‘nails’ will allow your customers understand what kind of services they can get in your place. They may also include the names of the owners, certain locations, foreign words, so the conclusion is obvious – such brands are very diverse. However, we divided them into 4 main groups and described them carefully in order for you to find the best options and examples without any effort.

  1. Names associated with relaxation, dreams, and pleasure. This industry is associated with a great rest and relaxation, so such names are the perfect options for business owners. They are quite diverse but always thematic. You can use the words ‘peaceful’, ‘relax’, ‘tranquility’, ‘harmony’, and similar ones to come up with such names as Day Dreamers Spa, A Peaceful Ocean Day Spa, Total Relaxation Spa, Tranquility Body Spa, etc. You may also go creative and come up with such names as Blow Me Away Organic Salon & Hand Spa, Drift Away Massage and Spa, Free Your Mind Spa, and so forth.
  2. Names that include the word ‘beauty’. This keyword can be combined with various words and still be thematic, for example, Pearl Beauty Salon & Spa, Confidence Beauty Spa, Expo Beauty & Spa Salon, etc.
  3. Nail and spa salon name ideas. If you are looking for a name that will emphasize that in your place a customer can get a great manicure, you should definitely check these options. The inclusion of the word ‘nail’ and the usage of other words allow getting such interesting names as Oasis Nail Spa, Nail Nation Spa, Lisa’s Beauty & Nail Salon, Avatar Nails & Spa, and so forth.
  4. Other spa names. This group is very diverse and includes different variants, from the names that include the names of the owners to the names that are not even related to the business sphere. However, most of them include the word ‘spa’ that makes them thematic and guarantees that your place will not be confused with any other business.

Spa Name Ideas

1. Names Associated with Relaxation, Dreams, and Pleasure

A Peaceful Escape Spa

A Peaceful Ocean Day Spa

A Place to Relax

Bliss Spa

Blow Me Away Organic Salon & Head Spa

Body and Mind Spa

Day Dreamers Spa

Destination Relaxation Spa

Dreamer's Destination Spa

Drift Away Massage and Spa

Drift Away Spa

Escape Reality Spa

Exhale... Spa

Feel-Good Facials

Fly Away Day Spa

Free Your Mind Massages

Getaway to Heaven Spa

Just Let Go Spa

Life-Stream Wellness Spa

Light as a Feather

Looking Nice Spa Salon

Mind and Body Spa

Oceanic Palace Resort & Spa

Out of This World Spa Services

Pamper Me Spa

Paradise Point Resort

Pure Bliss Massages

Pure Bliss Spa

Pure Harmony Spa

Relax Destination Spa

Relaxation on My Mind Spa

Retreat Spa

Self Indulgence Spa

Serenity Day Spa

Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa

The Pampering People

Total Relaxation Spa

Tranquil Garden Massages

Tranquility Body Spa

Tranquility Wellness Spa

Wellness and Rejuvenation Spa

Wellness Spa

2. Names that Include the Word 'Beauty'

Beauty Box

Beauty Spot

Beba Beauty

Complexions Beauty and Spa

Confidence Beauty Spa

Expo Beauty & Spa Salon

Gelsey’s Beauty Salon & Spa

Henri Salon & Spa De Beaute

Lizbhet Beauty Salon & Spa

Pearl Beauty Salon & Spa

Rozina’s Beauty Salon

Unique Beauty Salon & Spa

3. Nail and Spa Salon Name Ideas

ABC Nail and Spa

Abc Nails & Spa

Angels Nail Spa

Avatar Nails & Spa

Ceci Nails & Spa

Danvie Nail Salon & Spa

Diamond Nails Spa & Tanning

Duke’s Nails & Spa


Eva’s Nails & Spa

Flower Nail & Spa

Glamorous Nail Spa

Golden Tree Nails & Spa

Hope Spa & Nails

Hygiene Nail Spa

In Style Nails & Spa

Ivy Nail & Spa

Lisa’s Beauty & Nail Salon

Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

Mademoiselle Nail & Spa

Mai Nail & Spa Salon

Manchester Nails & Spa

Neihule Salon & Nail Spa

Oasis Nail Spa

Paradise Nails & Spa

Pastel Nails & Spa

Pink Me Up Nail & Spa Boutique

Polish + Paint Nail Beauty Spa

QQ Nail Spa & Salon

Sakura Nail & Spa

Sapphire Nails & Spa

Seven Spa And Nails

Skylar Nail Spa

SoHo Nails & Spa

The Luxe Nails & Spa

Wynn Nail Spa

Zumani Nail & Hair Spa

Ks Nail Spa Beauty Salon

Nail Bar and Spa

Nail Nation Spa

NailSpa Salon

OUI Nail Spa

Twin Nails and Lovely Lashes

4. Other Spa Names

A New You Spa

A Perfect 10 Spa

Alchemie Spa

All About You Spa

Allure Day Spa & Hair Design

Amenity Day Spa

Angel's Touch Spa

Aphrodite Spa

Aqua Salon and Spa

Ballet Slippers Spa

Bella Mia Salon and Spa

BeSu Salon and Day Spa

Black Label Salon 25

Blue Harbor

Bluewaters Salon and Spa

Bon Bon Salon & Spa

Brazil Rio Spa

Butterfly Loft Salon & Spa

Can Can Parleur Organic Hand and Foot Spa

Candolyn’s Salon & Day Spa

Carasoin Day Spa & Skin Clinic

Casablanca Salon & Day Spa

Cleo Spa & Salon Gramercy

Cleo Spa and Salon

Cloud 9 Spa Salon

Contour Day Spa

Crystal Mountain Spa

Dash Salon & Day Spa

Descanso Garden Spa

Desuar Spa

Dior Spa & Salon

Driftwood Day Spa

Dtox Day Spa Massage & Facials

Dyanna Spa Center

Eden Salon & Spa

Elite Day Spa

Elite Spa

Eruan Salon & Spa

Fierce Spa

Fifi International Spa

Fiona's Facials and Spa Services

Fountain of Youth

GC Salon and Spa

Goddess Salon & Spa

Golden Oaks Spa

GP Hair Salon & Day Spa

Graceful Touch Spa

Grand Spa

Hands of Gold

Head 2 Toe Spa

Heavenly Spa Services

Hot Stones Massage

I Love Lulu

Infinity Spa Salon

Jean Leon Salon and Spa

Jeniette Day Spa

Joanna Vargas Skin Care

Julien Farel Restore

Kaya Salon Spa

Kiss the Coast Mobile Salon & Spa

Kriza Aveda Salon Spa

Kure Spa

L &R Salon

Ladies & Gents Spa

Lakeview Day Spa


Le Jolie Medi Sa

Le Salon Day Spa

Lipstic Salon & Spa

LMax Salon Spa

Lotus Center

Luxe Den Salon & Spa

Marc Joseph Salon & Spa

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Marilyn Monroe Spas

Mars the Salon

Massage Away Spa

Maya Salon and Spa

May's Massages

Mi Salon & spa

Modem Salon & Spa

Monique’s Salon & Spa

Morris Hair Salon & Spa

My Place Spa & Salon

My Unique Salon

N4 Med Spa = Salon

Natura Spa

Natural Look Aveda Salon & Spa

Nature's Tub

New Light Spa & Salon

NVS Sun Spa Tanning

Ocean Motion Massage and Spa

Osmosis Day Spa

Overmorrow Salon & Spa

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa

Perfecta Salon

Phoenix Care Spa

Precious Care Spa

Pure Spa & Salon

Queen Bee Salon & Spa

Queen for a Day Spa Services

Rani Spa New York

Raya Skin Care Salon and Spa

Reflection Massage Day Spa

ReFuge Salon

Rejuvenate Spa

Rizo’s Day Spa Salon

Rizos Spa

Rose Room Spa

Salon Today

Samina Salon and Spa

Sawadee Thai Spa & Salon

Sea Salt Spa

Skinsational Spa


Spa 34

Spa Belles

Spa Castle

Spa Connections Mobile Spa

Spa Day

Spa Space

Spa Viola Sole

Spacation Spa

Stillwater Spa & Resort

Suburbia Salon & Spa

Sudio 5526 Salon & Spa

Sunrise-Sunset Spa

Tangles Salon & Spa

Ten Ten Aveda Salon + Spa

Thai Spa & Salon

The G Spa Salon

The Getaway

The Hot Stone Spa

The Red Door Salon & Spa

The Steam Room Massage and Spa

The Yellow Door Boutique Spa

Think Pink Spa

Tips 2 Toes

Touch and Glow Spa

Touched by an Angel Massages

Touched by an Angel Spa

Trust Spa

Turning Heads Day Spa & Salon

UNWIND Mobile Massage & Spa

Up the River Spa

Vanilla Color Spa

Vitality Spa

Water Lily Day Spa


White Orchid Spa

White Waters Day Spa

Worth It


Your Spa