How to Name a Security Company?

If you are going to start a security business, you need a catchy name that will attract the clients. To undertake this task easily, look through 300 names of security companies divided into the main groups. We hope that the analysis of these categories and numerous samples will help you come up with your own original name without much difficulty.

How to name a security company?

The names of the security companies are even more diverse and complicated than the names of other businesses. They may include various keywords, be thematic or non-thematic, directly related to protection or even army or be associated with the sphere of business “metaphorically” (for instance, due to the inclusion of the names of strong and fast animals). However, we divided them into the main groups. By looking through these lists and analyzing the existing names of companies you’ll be able to create your own name. For instance, you can replace some elements of the phrase, substitute a certain word or even combine two names you like the most into one original name.

  1. Names that include the words ‘protection’, ‘protective’, ‘safe’, and ‘safety’. The inclusion of these words in the name of the company allows drawing parallels to the sphere. You can combine them with any words including the other keywords to get such brands as Secuvia Protective Services, Owl Eye Protective Services, Centurion Protection, Safe Castle Security, etc. 
  2. Names that include the word ‘guard’. This group is similar to the previous one. By adding this word, you will also make the name thematic, for instance, Guard America Security Services, On Guard LifeWatchers, Always on Guard, GuardNow Security Service, etc.
  3. Names that include the words associated with army, battles, weapon, and so forth. This category of names is quite diverse. Usually, these thematic words are combined with the keywords too. By using this simple method, you can get such names as Alliance Security Services, Spartan Security Services, Night Troopers Security, Night Patrol Services, and even Excalibur Security.
  4. Other security company names. This is the most diverse group of names. They may consist of three or even more elements: numbers, keywords, various adjectives, nouns, abbreviations, etc. The business owners also can use their own names, names of certain locations, animals, for instance, tigers, lions, wolves, Latin words, and so forth. The elements of the complicated name may differ a lot: you can include literally any relatively neutral word to make it sound original, for example, Moonshine Security, 911 Security Services, Mega Security Services, New Move Security Agency, Alternative Security Services, and so forth.

Security Company Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Words 'Protection', 'Protective', 'Safe', and 'Safety'

A&A Protective Services

Alert Protective Services

All Seasons Protection Services

Assex Protective Services

Central Protection

Centurion Protection

Conntex Protection

Custom Protective Services

Eagle Eye Protection

Garrison Protective Services

International Protective Service Agency

KnightHawk Protection

Minute Safe

More Safe

Owl Eye Protective Services

Phoenix Protective Corp

Protective Shield Security

Prozone Protection

Quality Protection Services

RapidSafe Security

Safe and Sound Security

Safe Castle Security

Safegis Security

Safeguard Protective Services

Safehouse Security

Seculine Protective Services

Secured Safety Patrol

Secuvia Protective Services

Steadfast Protection Security Services

Strike Force Protective Services

The Protection Connection

Trekfrex Protection

2. Names that Include the Word 'Guard'

Allied International Security Guards Company

Always On Guard

American Guard Services

Bannerman Security Guards


Capital Guard & Patrol

Citiguard Security Guards

Custom Security Guard & Patrol

Guaranteed Security

Guard America Security Services

Guard Management Services Co

Guardian Eagle Security

GuardNow Security Service

Guardsmark Inc

Honor Guard Security

I Guard Security

Lifeguard Security

On Guard LifeWatchers

Private Guards Security


Secure Assist Night Guards

Security Guard

3. Names that Include the Words Associated with Army, Battles, Weapon, and So Forth

AAA Best Patrol Services

Admiral Security

Alliance Building Services

Alliance Security Services

Arrow Security

B-Secure Patrol Service

City Centurion Security Services

Command Security Corporation

Corpus Security Services

CrimeShield Patrol

Excalibur Security

Fortress Security Services

Green Knight Security

Knight Security

Legions Security Services

Night Owl Patrol Services

Night Patrol Security

Night Troopers Security

Sentinel Security Services

Sentry Security Co

Spartan Security Services

Spear Security & Management Co.

Strategic Security Corporation

4. Other Security Company Names

911 Security Services

A1 Affirmed Security

AAA+ Security Agency

Aargo Services

Above All Security

ACS Security

A-Dependable Security

Adept Security Services

ADT Security Services

Advanced Alarm System

Advantage Security Inc.

AEGIS Security & Investigations

Akal Security

Alert Security

All Nation Security Services

All State Security

Allied Universal

Alternative Security Services

American Video and Security Ltd.

Anderson Security Agency

Andy Frain Services

Assurance Security

Assured Security

Assured Solutions Security

ATAC Security

Babel Security Services

Be Alert Security Services

Be Secure Home Watchers

Bridge Security Services Inc

B-Secure Security Agency

Building Security Services

Cambridge Security Services

Cannady Security

Ceed Security Services

Central Officers

Chloi’s Security Co

Chromo Shield

Citadel Security Agency

Citadel Security Agency

City National Security

Clark Investigations & Security Corp.

Columbia Security

Complete Security Systems

Contemporary Services Corporation

Continuum Security Consultants

CPI Security

Crown Security

Danger Alert Security

Defender Security Services

Delta Security Services

Dependable Security Company

Diamond Security Services

Doyle Security Services

Eastern Security Corporation

Eastern Valley Security

EMC Security

Emergency Alert Security

Emergency Security Services

Epic Security Corp

Esquire Security Services

Esteem Security Services

First Alert Security Services

First Defense Security

First Response, Inc.

First Source Security

First-Rate Security

Fischer Security Services

Flash Security Services

Floyd Total Security

Focus Security Services

Freedom Security Services

Friendly Security, Inc.

Front Static

G4S Secure Solutions

Global Security Group

Global Vision Security

Golden Crown

GSS Security Services

Hack Eye Security

Hidden Eye Security Systems

Homesef Security Agency

Homeward Bound Security

Hunter Security Services

Idea Security Services

Inner City Security Services

Integrated Security Services

Invincible Security

Johnson Security Bureau

Karas Security Services

Kent Services

Key Bright Security Agency

Kings Security Services

Kodiak Security Services

KPS Security Co

Lasi Security Company

Lifehouse Security

Live Watch Security

M G Security Services

Masgon Security Services

Meaway Security Services Inc

Mega Security Services

Merchant Patrol Security Co

Metro One Loss Prevention Services

MG Security Services

Millennium Security Services Inc

MIP Security Services

Moon Security Services

Moonshine Security

Mulligan Security Corporation

Mutual Central Alarm Services

New Move Security Agency

North American Security


Olympian Security Services

Olympic Security Co

Omega Security Services & Consultants

OpenMove Total Security

Owl Eye Security

Pacific Security

Pacwest Security Services

Panther Security

Peace of Mind Homewatch

Pierce County Security

Precision Security

Priority ONE Security

Pro Eye Security

Prudential Security Services

R F Security Services

Ranks Security Services

RED Services

Red Wolf Security

Rest Assured Security

Rightway Security Services


S&S Security Group

Sailo Security

Saratoga Security Services

Scoppo Security

Secure Home Watch

Securiss Security Agency

Securitech Security Services

Security Now! Home Watch

Security Resources

Security Service Systems

Security USA

Security USA Service


Sera Security Services

Siren Home Security

Solid Rock Security

SOS Security

Sottile Security Solutions

SP Plus Security Inc

Sphinx Security Services

St Moritz Security Services

Starr Security Services

Stat Security Inc

State Security Services

Stone Security Services

Streamline Security Services

Summit Security Services

Sundial Security

Sundown Security

Third Security Corporation

Thousand Eyes Security

Three Alarm Security

Triangle Services


Turbo Tail Security

Twin County Security

Twins Security Co

U S Security Associates

Ultimate Security Services

United Security Services

Uplift Security

Urban Eye

Vantage International Security Services

Veritas Security Services

Victas Security

Vista Quest Security


Whatcom Security Agency

Winfield Security Corporation


World Private Security Services

Xolent Security