How to Name Real Estate Company?

Every real estate company needs a clever catchy name that will attract the clients. It may seem that this task is easy – there is nothing simpler than using your own last name and combining it with the keywords associated with the sphere of business. However, the specialists note that this method of naming has its disadvantages. The good news is that these names are more diverse than some might think. If you are searching for a creative idea, look through the list of names presented in this article and consider the features of the main groups of names. We hope it will help you create your own attention-grabbing brand without much difficulty.

How to Name Real Estate Company?

We divided the names of the real estate agencies into five main groups. Four of them include the different popular keywords and key phrases and work on the similar principle, while the fifths one doesn’t include any of them. This categorization may help you choose the best keyword and use the exciting ideas of naming to create your own clever name.

  1. Names that include the key phrase ‘real estate’. This phrase is used the most frequently. It can be combined with the other words and phrases that are associated with property, houses, and cities, i.e. with the business sphere, for instance, City Chic Real Estate, Best Address Real Estate, Bestmatch Real Estate, House Hunters Real Estate, The Dream Home Real Estate, From Paris to LA Real Estate Services, etc. They may also emphasize the quality of services, for example, Extraordinary Real Estate, Champion Real Estate Company, Premier Real Estate Brokerage, and so forth. The key phrase can be also combined with the words that do not have direct relation to the quality or property, for instance, Peachtree Real Estate co, Everyone’s Market Real Estate, etc.
  2. Names that include the keyword ‘realty’. This word is frequently used with the phrases that are quite diverse, for instance, New Heights Realty, Buy or Sell Realty, City Connection Realty, Sailing the Market Realty, etc.
  3. Names that include the keyword ‘realtor’. These names often include the names of the owners, nouns, for example, Bulldog Realtors, or simple phrases, for instance, All County Realtors, Movin’ On Up Realtors, and so forth.
  4. Names that include the word ‘property’. This keyword if often used with adjectives and nouns, for example, Alpha Properties, Platinum Properties, Scout Properties, Freedom Properties, etc.
  5. Other Creative Names. The names from the last category do not include any of the above-mentioned keywords but are often associated with the sphere of business, for example, Homes For Sale, Nest Seekers, Urban Pace, UrbanLand Company, and so forth.

Examples of Real Estate Agency Names

1. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Real Estate'

Affordable Real Estate

American Way Real Estate

Ardor Real Estate

Asset Management Real Estate LLC.

Bay Point Real Estate Co.

Best Address Real Estate

Bestmatch Real Estate

Buyer's Market Real Estate

Cameron Real Estate

Capital Estate Group

Champion Real Estate Company

City Chic Real Estate

Community Best Real Estate Company

Compass Real Estate

Continental Real Estate Companies

CORE Real Estate

DAUM Commercial Real Estate Services

Dream Big Real Estate

Economy Commercial Real Estate

Essential Real Estate

Everyone's Market Real Estate

Extraordinary Real Estate

Freeman Real Estate Co.

From Paris to LA Real Estate Services

Global Commercial Real Estate

Graff Real Estate

GreenLine Real Estate

Heartland Real Estate Co.

Home Basics Real Estate

House Flippers Real Estate

House Hunters Real Estate

M Squared Real Estate

Mid America Real Estate Co.

Mont Sky Real Estate

Mountain Home Real Estate Company

MW Real Estate Group

National Real Estate

Nexus Elite Real Estate Co.

ONE Real Estate LLC

Open Doors Real Estate

Peachtree Real Estate Co

Premier Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Collective

Real Estate Home Loans

Residential Real Estate

Riley Residential Real Estate

Skyline Group Real Estate

SnApp Real Estate

Sovereign Associates Real Estate

Spire Group Real Estate

Summit Commercial Real Estate

Supreme Real Estate & Property Management

The Dream Home Real Estate

The Real Estate Experts

Trust and Estate Realty

Urban Brokers Real Estate

Viva the Life Real Estate

Your Choice Real Estate

Your Real Estate Co.

2. Names that Include the Keyword 'Realty'

360 Realty

All Above Realty

All American Realty

American Brokers Realty Group

Around the Block Realty

Blue One Realty

Buy or Sell Realty

Century 21 Realty

City Connections Realty

Citylights Realty Group


Community Commercial Realty

Every Corner Realty

Exit Realty Landmark

Figure 8 Realty

Four Seasons Realty

Future Realty

Golden Bear Realty

International Realty & Investments

Lady Luck Realty

Market Hoppers Realty

New Heights Realty

Next Step Realty

Picket Fence Realty

Quad-City Realty

Rapid Realty

Realty World

Red Door Realty

Ridge Realty Rentals

Rising Realty Partners

Rodeo Realty Inc

Sailing the Market Realty

Selling Paradise Realty Inc.

Sky-High Realty

The Market Pallet Realty

Valley Realty, Inc.

Voyage Realty

Watson Realty

West USA Realty

3. Names that Include the Keyword 'Realtor'

A Plus Realtors

All County Realtors

All Season Realtors

Bulldog Realtors

George Chung Realtors

Movin' On Up Realtors

The Housing Guru Realtor

Upscale New Build Realtors

4. Names that Include the Word 'Property'

Alpha Properties

Central Properties

Creative Property Management, Inc.

Elite Property Management Services

Equity Properties

First Class Property Management LLC.

Freedom Properties, LLC.

Goldmark Property Management

Legacy Properties

Metropolitan Property Group

More Properties LLC.

Platinum Properties

Port Property Management

Preferred Property Management

Properties of the Pacific

Scout Properties

5. Other Creative Names

Alpine Homes

Anchor Associates Midtown


Buyer’s Edge Company

Chase N Rainbows

Citi Habitats

Four Corners Real Estate

Hamilton House

Highline Residential

Homes For Sale


Legendary Homes

Level Group

Nest Seekers

Pacific Union International


Royal Management Group

State Street Housing

The Corcoan Group

The Market Genie

The Oxford Company

The Premier Group

Town Residential

Tracy King

Urban Pace

UrbanLand Company