How to Name a Photography Studio?

Everyone who’s going to open his or her photography business needs a nice name for it. Naming seems an easy task; however, all entrepreneurs who have ever faced this note that’s quite hard to choose a catchy name that will attract the clients. However, the numerous examples show that there’s nothing impossible. By analyzing them and principles of naming, every business owner will come up with his own great name without efforts.

How to Name a Photography Studio?

The vast majority of these names are somehow related to the sphere of business. The inclusion of the certain words and phrases make them thematic and allows drawing parallels with the services a client can get in this particular place. Our goal is to show the entrepreneurs how different keywords can be used in naming. By considering these basic methods, you’ll come up with your own catchy name without much difficulty.

  1. Names that include the word ‘picture’ or ‘pic’. If a business owner doesn’t want to include the most widespread keywords, for instance, ‘photography’ or ‘photo ’, he can replace them with the word picture or pic. They fulfill the same function – make your name thematic. The catchiest samples of such names are Magic Pictures, Keep That Smile Picture Studio, Lensation Picture, and PicureQuest.
  2. Names that include the word ‘shoot’. This group is similar to the previous category of names. By adding this word, you can get such attention-grabbing names as Just Shoot Me Photographs, Space-4-Shoots, Dream Shoot Studio, etc.
  3. Names that include the word ‘camera’. This is another word that can make the name thematic. The best name samples from this category are The Camera Club, Tuttle Cameras, and Camera Stop.
  4. Names that include the word ‘capture’. What does the camera do? It captures the moments. Therefore, the inclusion of this word allows creating the names that will be associated with the sphere of business, for example, One Lovely Captured, Capturra, Captured Moments, etc.
  5. Names that include the key phrase ‘photo studio’. This key phrase is frequently used by the business owners. The principle is more than simple – you just add the other words, nouns, adjectives or even phrases, and get such cool names as NoFavorite Photo Studio, Strike a Pose Photo Studio, Perfectly Posed Photo Studio, Oh Baby Photo Studio, and so forth.
  6. Names that include the keyword ‘photography’ or ‘photo’. This is the most popular keyword among the photographers. It is usually combined with other words or numbers, names of the owners, locations, countries, various adjectives, adverbs, and nouns. The most attention-grabbing names from this group are Natural Light Photography, Flutter Me Shutters Photography, Full Exposure Photography, Don’t Blink Photography, Point It Photography, Dream Photography, etc.
  7. Other names. Unlike the previous names, these ones don’t include any of the above-mentioned words directly associated with photography. However, most of them include the word ‘studio’ that is also related to the sphere of business, for instance, 16 Beaver Studio, Le Studio, Studio 225, Sweet Baby Studio, etc. There are also the names that are don’t even include this word but still are really catchy, for instance, Vivid Snaps, Ultimately Impressive, Trendy Memories, Gift of Memory, etc.

Photography Business Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Picture' or Pic

A Pretty Pics

FourFold Pictures

Frame Me Please Pictures

Full Exposure Pictures

Honey-Lens Pictures

In a Pinch Pictures

Keep That Smile Picture Studio

Lensation Picture Studio

Magic Pictures

Picture People

Picture Perfect

Picture Ray Studio



Stylex Pics

The Picture Patch

2. Names that Include the Word 'Shoot'

Click & Shoot Studio

Dream Shoot Studio

Glamour Shots

Just Shoot Me Photographs

Photo Shoots Studios


3. Names that Include the Word 'Camera'

Adorama Camera

Camera Land

Camera Stop

Competitive Cameras

Looking Glass Photo & Camera

Peace Camera

The Camera Club

Tuttle Cameras

4. Names that Include the Word 'Capture'

Captured Moments


Curious Capture


One Lovely Captured

Valley View Captures

5. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Photo Studio'

Celebration Photography Studio

Eclectic Photo Studios

Eternity Photo Studio

Illusion Photo Studio

Imagix Photo Studio

Magic Photo Studio

NoFavorite Photo Studio

Oh Baby Photo Studio

Perfectly Posed Photo Studio

Photo Studio Sol

Product Photography Studio

Strike a Pose Photo Studio

Sunday Suppers Photo Studio

Sunshine Photo Studio

Time Inc Photo Studio

World Lab Photo Studio

6. Names that Include the Keyword 'Photography' or 'Photo'

42nd Street Photo

A New View Photography

Ace Photo

Baby Bee Photography

Bracketeers Photography

Center for Creative Photography

Citizens Photo

Classic Kids Photography

Digital Merit Photography

Don't Blink Photography

Dream Photography

Flash Me Photography

Flutter Me Shutters Photography

French Kiss Boudoir Photography

Full Exposure Photography

Full Swing Photography

Fusion Photography

Galaxy Studios Photography

Goldfox Photography

Images Foto

Joyously Photo

Lugossi Photo

Modern Wedding Photography

Natural Kids Photography

Natural Light Photography

Numero Uno Photo Imaging Inc

One Eleven Photography

Photo Booth Studios

Photo Mission Framing & Photo Lab

Photo Nice Studio

Photo Perfections

Photo Phactory

Photo Pick

Photo Thrill



Point It Photography

Popular Photography

Pro Photo

Pro Photo Connection

Rampage Photos

Real Photos

Service Photo

Silhouette Photography

Silver Pond Photos

Stomping Ground Photo

Studio Altius Sports Photograph

Studio EMP Photography

Sunflowers Studios Photography

The Moment Photo Studio

Thornton Studio Photographers

Trendy Fish Photos

Trotter Photo Booth

With Love Photography

Zoomin' Photos

7. Other Names

16 Beaver Studio

2 StopsBrighter

A Fine Portrait

A Lensational

Ambient Portraiture

Artsy Snaps

Attic Studios


Be Electric Studios

Beyond Studios

Black + Gold

Blossom Exposures

Blue Sky

Candid Diva

Capsule Studio

Continental Studios

Contra Studios

Creative Bells


Daisy Pixels

Daylight Studio

Double 6 Studio

Drift Studios

Dune Studios

Egg Studios

Elevation Studios

Events Studios

EZ Studios

Fairway Studios


Flying Glaze

Forgotten Works Studio

Foto Feel Good

Foto Frolic

Foto Twist

Frame Fusion

Fun Family Portraits

Gift of Memory

Ginger Sliced Studio

GO Studios

Highlight Studios


Invite Only Studio

Joss & Jury

Just Floyds

Kronus Studio

Laura's Tilted Tripod

Le Image

Le Studio

Lence Trace

Lens Queen


LightSpace Studios

Mad Crayon Studio

Mayo Ming Studio


MetroLux Studio

Mighty Lucky Studio


MonaLiza Studios

Paperkat Studio

Perfect Pixel

Pier59 Studios

Pistol Studios


Portrait Innovations

Prestige Portraits

Red Studios

Ruby Bird Studio

Shutter Up


Spotted Selfie

Studio 225

Sublime Krystal

Sunset Calls

Sweet Baby Studio

Sweet Space

The Artsy Lens

The Dark Room Portrait Studio

The Icon

Things To Look At Studio


Tilting Tripods

Trendy Memories

Tripod Buddy

Twenty Two Seconds

Ultimate Flashes

Ultimate Impressive

Urban Myth Studio

Vivid Snaps              

W Studios

We Create


Whimsy Frame

White Balance Studios