How to name a Pharmacy?

If you are going to start the pharmacy business but do not know how to name it, the numerous examples and careful classifications of the already existing names will help you create the best brand. In this article, you can read about the main principles of naming and look through more than 200 examples of catchy pharmacy names.

How to name a pharmacy?

Pharmacy brands are quite diverse. The keywords, such as ‘pharmacy’ itself, ‘drug store’, ‘health’ may be combined with various nouns, adjectives, and phrases. We divided all brands into two main categories and described them carefully in order to business owners to come up with their own brand easily.

  1. Simple one-word and two-word pharmacy names. The biggest advantage of such brands is that they are short and therefore catchy. Most of them consist of the keyword, for instance, ‘pharmacy’ and ‘drug’ and the second word that may be associated with the business sphere, for example, ‘health’ or ‘care’ or unrelated to medicine, for instance, the names of the owners, locations, various adjectives (lucky, happy, evergreen, etc), nouns (chemist, harmony, century, etc).
  2. Three-Word Pharmacy Names. These brands may include numbers, phrases, and creative word combinations. In general, the principle of naming is similar to the previous one. The business owners may use any words, related to the medicine and health or completely original, for example, Good Care Pharmacy, Good Health Family Pharmacy or People Choice Pharmacy, Twenty Ten Pharmacy, Value City Pharmacy and so forth.

Examples of Catchy Pharmacy Names

1. Simple One-Word and Two-Word Pharmacy Names

2010 Pharmacy

Aalpha Pharmacy

Abacus Pharmacy

Albertsons Pharmacy

Alisons Pharmacy

Allure Pharmacy

Apthorp Pharmacy

Arrow Pharmacy

Bangla Pharmacy

Bascom Pharmacy

Bay Pharmacy

BioMed Pharmacy

Bowen Pharmacy

Bowery Pharmacy

Bravo Pharmacy


Broadway Chemists

Caligor Pharmacy

Capital Pharmacy

Capsule Pharmacy

Caremax Pharmacy

Cathedral Pharmacy

Cedra Pharmacy

Century Pharmacy

Chemist Shop

Cherry’s Pharmacy

Chinatown Pharmacy

Cibao Pharmacy

City Drug

Columbus Pharmacy

Costco Pharmacy

Curson Pharmacy

Daliza Pharmacy

Downtown Pharmacy

Dunbar Pharmacy

Eddie’s Pharmacy

Elm Health

Evergreen Pharmacy

Fairfax Pharmacy

Foer’s Pharmacy

Fuzhou Pharmacy

Garcia Pharmacy

Gilmore Pharmacy

Grubbs Pharmacy

Halpern Pharmacy


Harmony Pharmacy

Hartley Pharmacy

Health Mart


International Pharmacy

Kaiser Pharmacy

Kmart Pharmacy

Kyoto Pharmacy

Leroy Pharmacy

Life Pharmacy

Lin’s Pharmacy

Lion Pharmacy

Lorena Pharmacy

Loyola Pharmacy

Lucky Pharmacy

Martin Pharmacy

Medex Drugs

Medicine Shoppe


Mega Drugs

Melbran Pharmacy

Metro Drugs

Mini Pharmacy

Molina’s Pharmacy

Nations Pharmacy

Neptune Pharmacy

Nofel Pharmacy

Normandy Pharmacy

Norwood Pharmacy

Ocean Pharmacy

Oval Pharmacy

Palisades Pharmacy

Pavilions Pharmacy

Pham Anhs

Pharmaca Integrative

Pico Pharmacy

Ralphs Pharmacy

Ramirez Pharmacy

Rite Aid

Safeway Pharmacy

Sal Pharmacy

Senter Pharmacy

Shyn’s Pharmacy

Smith Pharmacy

Spaulding Pharmacy

Stanley’s Pharmacy

State Pharmacy

Suba Pharmacy

Sun Pharmacy

Sunshine Pharmacy

Syd’s Pharmacy

The Chemist Shop

The Pharmacy Depot

Thriftway Pharmacy

Town Drug


United Pharmacy

USC Pharmacy

Vons Pharmacy


Wellness Pharmacy

Woori Pharmacy

2. Three-Word Pharmacy Names

1699 Fancy Pharmacy

Ad-Rx Pharmacy

All Health Pharmacy

American Health Solutions Pharmacy

Apex Care Pharmacy

Avenue C Pharmacy

B & G Pharmacy Inc

Better Health Pharmacy

Beverly Glen Pharmacy

Big-1 Pharmacy

Buy-Rite Pharmacy

Cal-Med Pharmacy

Cathay Medical Pharmacy

City Drugs Specialty Pharmacy

Discount Medical Pharmacy

Drug Loft Pharmacy

Duane Reade Pharmacy

East Drive Pharmacy

Esco Drug Co

Friendly Pharmacy One

Fusion Rx Compounding Pharmacy

Garfield Prescription Pharmacy

Get Well Pharmacy Inc

Good Care Pharmacy

Good Health Family Pharmacy

Grand Specialty Pharmacy

Harris Teeter Pharmacy

Health Wise Pharmacy

Horton & Converse Pharmacy

Hudson Square Pharmacy

Jackson Medical Pharmacy

Jeff Goodman Special Care Pharmacy

King Pharmacy Inc

Kroger Specialty Pharmacy

Linda Rx Pharmacy

Little Tokyo Pharmacy

M & S Pharmacy

Medi Express Pharmacy

Mother’s Care Pharmacy

Natures Cure Pharmacy

New Amsterdam Drug Mart

New London Pharmacy

NuCare Parmacy & Surgical

Olive Branch Pharmacy

Olympia Plaza Pharmacy

Pacific Drugs Pharmacy

People Choice Pharmacy

Peoples Drug Stores

Prime Essentials Pharmacy

Prohealth Pharmacy

R & X Compounding Pharmacy Inc

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Robertson Specialty Pharmacy

St Anthony Pharmacy

St Jesus Pharmacy

Sun Drug Pharmacy

Tiano Towers Pharmacy

Twenty Ten Pharmacy

University Care Pharmacy

USC Health Center Pharmacy

Value City Pharmacy

Viet Town Pharmacy

Well Green Pharmacy