How to Name a Pet Store?

If you are going to open your own pet shop and want to come up with the best name for it, you should definitely look through the list of already existing names and carefully consider their classification. This may help you create your own unique and at the same time catchy name that will attract customers.

How to Name a Pet Store?

All the names can be virtually divided into two main groups. The names from the first category include the keyword ‘pet’ that automatically make them thematic. The brands from the second group do not include this keyword but still are associated with animals due to the inclusion of certain words. To understand the principle of this classification better, look through the examples of names in the tables and read the description of each group.

  1. Names that include the keyword ‘pet’. The keyword can be combined with any words and phrases that may be associated with animals too, or be unrelated to the sphere of business, for example, Fur Out Pet Care, Gp-Doggy-Go Pet Products or Eco-Pet and Petite Pets. You can also use this word to create phrases, for instance, For Pets Only, Love Thy Pets, etc.
  2. Names that do not include the word pet but are still related to animals. These names also fulfill their main function – attract the customers interested in certain goods. However, they are more diverse due to the inclusion of different words associated with animals, for example, dog, cat, bone, bark, bird, aquarium, mouse, canine, and others. Some of them are also more creative than the names from the previous group, for example, Bone Sweet Bone, PAWlicious Bones, Check Out Our Furs, Clippin’ Around the Mice, and so forth.

Pet Store Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Keyword 'Pet'

34 Pet Shop

Acme Pet Food Inc

Al’s Pet Supplies

Allan’s Aquarium & Pet Center

Ally & Indy Pet Boutique

Aqua Star Pet Shop

Arcadia Pets

Atlas Pet Company

Azteca Pet Shop

Best Pet Supplies Inc

Birdman Pet Shop

Boomerang Pet Express

C The Jungle Pet Store

Cal’s Pet Supply

Calling All Pets

Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies

Clark Pet shop

Critter Fritters Pet Foods

D.O.G. Pet Boutique & Daycare

Dandelion Dreams Pet Supplies

Discount Pet World

Dorothy & Tot’s Pet Boutique

DPet & Gift

E & N Pet Paradise Shop


Elia’s Pet Shop

For Pets Only

Fran’s Pet Supplies

Fur Out Pet Care

Gabby Pets

Global Pet Food Outlet

Go-Doggy-Go Pet Products

Hal’s Eagle Rock Pet Shop

Handog Pet Gear

Happy Feet Pet Shop

Hollywood Pets

Ideal Pet Warehouse Limited

Ines Pet Shop

J & J Pet Shop

Jack’s Pet Shop

Jet Pets Inc

Junior’s Pet Zone

Jurado’s Pet Shop

Katie’s Pet Depot

Kriser’s Natural Pet

Legend Pet Food and Supplies

Love Thy Pet

Lucky Pet Premium Pet Food & Boutique

Luxury Pets

M&R Pet Shop

Mama’s & Papa’s Pet Shop

Maria’s Pet Shop

Mike’s Pet Store and Pet Grooming

Modern Pet

Mung Pet Shop

Mungchi Pet Shop

My City Pet Supplies

My Pet Naturally

My Pet Place

N&J Pet Shop

New Lucky Fish Aquarium & Pet Supply

Noe Valley Pet Co

Olympic Pet Shop

Paraiso Pets & Supplies

Perfect Pet Secure

Pet Ark Inc

Pet Bar

Pet Care Inc.

Pet Central

Pet Club

Pet Express

Pet Island

Pet Necessities

Pet Planets

Pet Project

Pet Resources

Pet Source 1901

Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Town

Pet Valu

Pet’s Corner

Petco Animal Supplies


Pete’s Pet Supply




Petite Pets

Petland Discounts







Pour La Pooch Pet Shop

Precious Pets

Primal Pet Foods

Purrfect Pets

Rainbow Pet Supplies

Ramirez Pet Shop

Red Canary Pet Shop

Rosalbo Pets

Royal Pet Care

Rusty’s Discount Pet Center

Samy Pet Shop

Slope Pet Food Supplies

Sunset Pet & Supplies

The Pet Mansion

The Pet Market

The Pet Pary

The Urban Pet

Tong’s  Tropical Fish & Pets

Treat Your Pet

Unleashed by Petco

Upperwest Pets

Us Pets

Venice Pets

Village Pets & Supplies

Vinny’s Pet Shop

VIP Pet Shop

Wespaw Pets

Whiskers Holistic Pet Care

Woori Pet Shop

Zoo-Rama Pets

2. Names that Don't Include the Word 'Pet' but Are Still Related to Animals

Animal Kingdom

Aqua Forest Aquarium

Barking Lot

Barking Mad!

Barking Zoo

Beaks and Liners


Bernal Beast

Black Nose Trading Co.

BlueCollar Working Dog

Bone Sweet Bone

Boo Boo’s Best

Bow Wow Meetings

Bow Wow Meow

Brush my Fur

Bubbly Cuddly Rabbits

Bushwick Bark

Canine Styles Uptown

Cats & Dogs

Cats 'n Mice & Mil 'n Cheese

Centinela Feed

Check Out Our Furs!

Chien de Luxe

Citipups Chelsea

Clippin' Around the Mice

Clippin' with the Trimmer

Collar Brains

Cool Deshedders

Count the Chicks

Cozy Nesting Boxes

Cutie Kittens

Daisy’s Delights

Devilish Paws

Dish and Bowl

District Dogs Inc.

Dog & Co

Dog Food Cat Food

Dog Lovers


Dudley’s Paw Inc

Echo Bark Inc.

Empire Puppies

Feathers N Friends

Feathery Musings

Feeder Tantrums


Fernando’s Feed & Supply

Four Paws & A Tail

Freaking Hot Dogs

Furry Coats

Goldfish Treasures

Ham with the Hamsters

I Have the Furrrr-dum

John’s Feed

Just Food For Dogs

K9 Caterers

Kennels and Beds

Little Creatures

Lousy Mousy Store

Many Paws

Maxwell Dog

Meowing Innocence

Missing Fishing

Mission Critter

Monster Aquarium Inc.

Mousse with a Mouse

Mr. Muggles’ Dog

Muddy Paws

Multicolored Beaks

No Cage, Only Perch

Of Pee and Potty



Pampered Birds

PAWlicious Bones

Porcelain Aquariums

Pup Slope

Puppy City

Puppy In Style

Puppy Loft Inc

Puppy Love

Puppy Love & Kitty Kat

Puppy Plus

Rainin' Cats and Dogs

Screech Screech You Parakeet

Shake a Paw

Somethin's Fishy!

Spoiled Brats

Squeaks and Squawks

Striking Feed

Stuffed Yarn Balls

Stylish Whiskers


The Animal Company

The Animal Connection

The Big Bad Woof

The Cheeky Puppy

The Dog Bakery

The Left Paw

The Mouse Palace

Thump Thump Goes My Tail

Tiles of the City

Tokyo Aquarium

Un-Leash the Magic


Vivacious Vivariums

Welcome to the Piggy Bank

Woof or Wuff?


World Class Aquarium

Yo Aquarium

Your Feathery Friends