How to Name a Pawn Shop?

If you are going to start your own business and open the pawn shop, you need a great catchy name for it. In this article, you can find 200+ examples of already existing pawn shops that are divided into 7 main groups. We hope that the careful description of each of these categories will help you create the unique thematic name for your business.

How to Name a Pawn Shop?

The names of such shops are very diverse. They may include different keywords and key phrases and be combined with various thematic or non-thematic words, and that makes classification even more complicated. However, we divided them into 7 main groups each of which has its own advantages.

  1. Names that include the word ‘gold’. Drawing parallels with gold is one of the easiest ways of naming. The inclusion of this word allows creating such interesting names as Fever of Gold Pawn Broker, The Gold Standard Pawn Shop, Gold Rush Refiners, etc.
  2. Names that include the word ‘cash’. This word is also a marker that helps your customer understand what kind of services they can get in your place. The catchiest names from this group are Pawn.Cash.Go, Cash In A Flash, and Cash King Pawn Shop.
  3. Pawn shops named after the owners. Although this principle of naming seems simple and even obvious, these names are quite diverse. You can use the first or/and the last name, initials, different keywords, various adjectives, for example, A & G Pawnshop, Dave Tipp Jewelry & Loan, Zak’s Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop, Big Jake’s Pawn Shop and Jewelry, and so forth.
  4. Names that include the key phrase ‘pawn shop’. Such names do not include any of the above-mentioned words, but they include the key phrase that makes them thematic. You can combine it with any other English or foreign words and phrases and get such names as 5 Minute Pawn Shop, New Liberty Loans, Fairfax Union Pawn Shop, etc.
  5. Names that include the key phrase ‘pawn broker’. This group is similar to the previous one, except for the key phrase. The most interesting names from this category are Pawnbrokers Today, Sunset Pawnbrokers, and Budget Pawn Brokers.
  6. Names that include the key phrase ‘jewelry & loan’. The same principle works with this group too. Such names often include such thematic words as diamond, Firestone, traders, etc.
  7. Other names that may also include the keyword ‘pawn’. These names do not belong to any of the above-mentioned categories; however, most of them are thematic due to the inclusion of the keyword, for example Pawndigo, PawnZone Express, Five Borough Pawn, Famous Pawn, etc.

Pawn Shop Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Gold'

Adriatic Gold & Pawn

Cash for God

Downtown Gold Pawn

Fever of Gold Pawn Broker

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop            

Gold and Beyond

Gold Buyers Club

Gold Collectors Pawn

Gold Exchange

Gold Rush Refiners


Golden Pawn Jewelry and Loan

GoldFinger Pawn Shop

Goldstar Pawn Shop

Olympic Gold and Jewelry

Pacific Gold Buyer

The Gold Standard Pawn Shop

2. Names that Include the Word 'Cash'

Beverly Pawn n Cash Pawn Shop

Cash Buy & Sell

Cash In A Flash

Cash King Pawn Shop

Cash Now Pawn Shop

Fast Cash Pawn Shop

Fast Cash Pawnbroker

First Cash Pawn


3. Pawn Shops Named after the Owners

A & G Pawnshop

A.S. & Sons Diamonds Pawn Shop

Alex Pawn Shop

Ally Pawn Shop

B&J Pawnbrokers

Big Jake’s Pawn Shop and Jewelry

Dave Tipp Jewelry & Loan

Elliott Salter Pawn Shop

F & D Pawnbrokers

Fred’s Pawn Shop

John’s Loan & Jewelry Co

Lory’s Pawn Shop

Mark’s Pawn Shop

Mr. Gs Pawnbrokers

Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop

Queen Natasha Pawn Shop

Reed’s Pawn Mart

Victor Pawn Broker Inc

Yev’s Jewelry & Loan

Zak’s Famous 24 Hour Pawn Shop

Zak’s Pawn Shop

4. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Pawn Shop'

#1 Pawn Shop

180 Pawn Shop

24 Hours Pawn Shop

5 Minute Pawn Shop

A Plus A Pawn Shop

AA Pawn Shop

Aba Pawn Shop

Access Pawn Shop

Allright Pawn Shop

Alvarado Pawn Shop

Amarillo Pawn Shop

Amigos Pawn Shop

Amor Pawn Shop

Amsterdam Pawn Shop

Balboa Pawn Shop

Bargain Pawnshop

C & H Pawn Shop

Community Pawn Shop

Continental Pawn Shop

Crown Pawn Shop

Fairfax Union Pawn Shop

Glendale Pawn Shop

Global Pawn Shop

Grand Jewelry Pawn Shop

Keops Pawn Shop

Kings Class Pawn Shop Inc

La Socia Pawn Shop

Mission Pawn Shop

New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop

Orbit Pawn Shop

Pico Union Pawnshop

Platinado Pawn Shop

Primos Pawn Shop

Royal Pawn Shop

Royale Pawn Shop

Secure Pawn Shop

Superior Pawn Shop

The Biggest Pawnshop

Van Nuys Pawnshop

Victory Pawn Shop

5. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Pawn Broker'

A-1 Pawnbrokers

Budget Pawn Brokers Inc

Capital Pawn Brokers

Circle Pawn Brokers

Concourse Pawnbrokers

Fordham Pawnbrokers

Gem Pawnbrokers Corporation

Loma Pawn Brokers

Metropolitan Pawn Brokers

Modern Pawn Brokers

Mr. Pawnbrokers

Mybond Pawnbrokers

National Pawn Broker

Pacific Pawnbrokers

Paradise Pawnbrokers

Pawnbrokers Sales Inc

Pawnbrokers Today

Prestige Pawnbrokers

Seapod Pawn Broker Inc

Sunset Pawnbrokers

Sunshine Pawn Broker Inc

Top Dollar Pawn Brokers

6. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Jewelry & Loan'

Diamond Jewelry & Loan

Firestone Jewelry & Loan

G-M Loan & Jewelry C

Granters Jewelry & Loan

King’s Jewelry & Loan

La Cienega Jewelry & Loan

Marina Loan and Jewelry

Midtown Jewerly & Loan

Mission Jewelry & Loan

Pawn Zone Jewelry & Loan

Roccos Jewelry & Pawn Shop

Sartori Jewelry & Loan

Traders Loan and Jewelry

Tucker Loan & Jewerly

Western Loan & Jewelry

7. Other Names that May Also Include the Keyword 'Pawn'

5 Borough Pawn

Ace Loans

All Valley Pawn

Best Collateral

Brothers Collateral Loans

Buy Sell Loan

Captain Pawn

DD Buyers

E Z Collateral & Loan

Eagle Loan Office

Empire Buyers

EZ Pawn Corp

Famous Pawn

Five Borough Pawn

House of Pawn

Jamaica Pawn Inc

Latino Pawn

Latino Pawn



Luxury Pawn Stars

M Pawn Shop


Modell Collateral Loans

Once A Pawn A Time

One Stop Pawn

Pawn & Sell

Pawn 212

Pawn and Sell

Pawn it Here

Pawn Rite

Pawn Shop Casa De Empeno

Pawn Stars


Pawnit 4 Now

PawnZone Express

Perfect Pawn

Smart Pawn

Sneaker Pawn

Stop N Pawn


TNT Pawn

We Buy Goods

We Pawn All

Whittier Collateral Inc