How to Name a Nail Salon?

Every entrepreneur who is going to open a nail salon needs a great catchy name for the new business. There are a few principles of naming that business owners can use to come up with their own attention-grabbing and at the same time thematic variant. We also hope that the numerous nail spa names presented in this article will inspire you as well.

How to Name a Nail Salon?

Although such names are very diverse, most of them still have something in common. The absolute majority of the brands are associated with beauty, something sophisticated and delicious, for example, chocolate or champagne; something positive, for example, miracles, happiness, paradise; or the manicure itself. However, we divided them not according to their meaning but according to their structure. We hope that this division and careful analysis of the existing categories and methods of naming will help you create the new original name.

  1. Noun + The Keyword or The Key Phrase (nail salon, nails, nail spa, nail and waxing, etc). This method of naming is quite simple – the nouns combined with the keywords or key phrases allow getting such catchy names as Pearls Nail Salon, Perfection Nails & Hair, Enigma Nails Spa, Hygiene Nail Spa, Imagination Spa Nail Salon, etc.
  2. Adjective + The Keyword or The Key Phrase (nails, nail spa, nail salon, and so forth). This category of names is similar to the previous group. Such names are mostly short and attention-grabbing, for instance, Charming Nail, Divine Nail Salon, Platinum Nails Salon, Precious Nails, etc.
  3. The Keyword ‘Nail’ + Other Words. This simple scheme also allows creating simple and original names, for example, Nail Ha’ven, Nail Studio, Nail Swag, Nails on 88th Street, The Nail Artist, The Nail Place, etc.
  4. Other Creative Names. Unlike the previous names, these ones are not united by a particular method of naming. They are very diverse and often creative. However, most of them still include the keywords: nails, nail salon, nail, spa, hands, etc. The business owners can use literally any words to get such interesting options as Oh My Nails, Perfect Polish Nail and Spa, All Star Nail, Cute-icles, Hand Across the Table, Xtremities, and so forth.

Examples of Nail Salon Names

1. Noun + The Keyword or The Key Phrase (Nail Salon, Nails, Nail Spa, Nail and Waxing, etc.)

Angels Nail Spa

Apple Nails

Bed of Nails

Blondis Nail & Spa

Breeze Nail & Spa

Butter Nails and Waxing

Candy Nail Salon

Century Nail

Chameleon Spa Nails

Champagne Nail Lounge

Choice Nail Salon

Color Nails Salon

Colour Nails & Spa

Diva Beauty & Spa

Dream Nails

Elegance Nails

Enigma Nails Spa

Express Nails

Fantasy Nails & Beauty Salon

Genesis Nail & Spa

Gloss Nailspa

Harmony Nail & Threading Salon

House of Nails

Hygiene Nail Spa

Idea Nail

Imagination Spa Nail Salon

Infinity Nails

Island Nail Bar

King Nails

Lady Nails

Le Chic Nail Salon

Lilies Nails

Mademoiselle Nail & Spa

Million Nail Salon

Mimosa Nails

Miracle Nails

Mirage Nails

Moon Nails

Nirvana Nails and Spa

Ochre Nails

Palm Nail

Paradise Nails & Spa

Passion Nails

Pastel Nails & Spa

Pearls Nail Salon

Perfection Nails & Hair

Phoenix Nails

Pinkies Nail Spa

Quality Nails & Beauty Salon

Rainbow Nail Salon

Serenity Nail Lounge

Serenity Nail Salon and Spa

Shine Nail Spa

Shine Nails

Sisters Nail Spa

Smiley Nail Salon

Spring Nail Spa

Star Nail

Sun Nail

The Beauty Nail

The Gel Bar

Tipology Nails Spa

Tomato Nails Salon

Wonder Nails

2. Adjective + The Keyword or The Key Phrase (Nails, Nail Spa, Nail Salon, and so forth)

Blooming Nails

Charming Nail

Classic Nails

Classy Nails & Beauty Supply

Colorful Nails Salon

Crystal Nails & Spa

Designer Nails

Divine Nail Salon

Elite Nails & Spa

Excellent Nail Salon

Fancy Nails

Fantastic Nails

Glamorous Nail Spa

Golden Nails

Hot Nails

Infinite Nails Spa

International Nails

Lovely Nails

Lucky Nails

Luxury Nails Spa

Magical Nail & Spa

Minty Nail Salon

National Nails

Notorious Nails

Pasty Nail Spa

Pink Nail

Platinum Nail Salon

Pleasant Nail Spa

Posh Nails

Precious Nails

Pure Nail Salon

Rich Nails

Royal Nails

Super Nails

Ten Beautiful Nails

The Luxe Nails & Spa

Top Nail Salon

3. The Keyword 'Nail' + Other Words

Nail & Spa Sakura

Nail & Stuff

Nail Art

Nail Atelier

Nail Avenue

Nail by Young

Nail by your Name ex- Nail by Katty

Nail Bytch

Nail Couture

Nail Day

Nail Envy

Nail Fairies

Nail Fever

Nail Ha’ven

Nail Lounge

Nail Lux

Nail Nation Spa

Nail Spa Excel

Nail Spot

Nail Studio

Nail Swag

Nail Time

Nail To Toe Rescue

Nail Works





Nails Deluxe

Nails Etc

Nails Everywhere

Nails Mantra

Nails More

Nails on 88th Street

Nails Plus

Nails Station

The Nail Artist

The Nail Bar

The Nail Box

The Nail Designer

The Nail Garden

The Nail Place

4. Other Creative Names

48 Diva Nails

775 Nails

7Q Nails

AAA Nail Salon

Abc Nails & Spa

Affina Beauty Spa

All Season Nail Salon

All Star Nail

Atelier Cuticle Nail Spa

Be Be Nail Salon

Be Yours Spa

Beauty Cutie Nail & Spa


Bio Laque Nails

Black Label Nail & Spa

Blue Bell Nails

Blue Nan Nan Nails & Spa

Bonsoir Nails

Buddha Nails & Spa

Coco Nail

Coco Young Nail Salon

Color Camp

Cosmo Nail Bar

Cozy Boutique Nails & Spa

Creative Touch Nail Salon


Dashing Diva Nail Lounge

Diamond Nails Organic Spa


Dream Blue Beauty Nail Spa

Enjoy Nail Spa

Everyone’s Nail Salon

Everything Nails

Fashion Fairy Nails Spa

Fierce Spa

Filed Away

Fingers 2 Toes

First Class Nail

Five Star Nail Salon

Fleur Nails

Flirt Beauty Boutique

Florence Nails

For Your Nails Only

Forever Beauty Nail Salon

Get Nailed!

Get Tipsy Nail Salon

Glamour Girls Nail Spa

Glitter & Polish Nails & Spa

Glitter Box

Glitter Girls Nail Salon

Golden Glow Spa

Golden Tree Nails & Spa

Good Choice For Nails

Green Nail Salon

Green Point Nail Spa

Green Tea Nail & Spa

Hand Across the Table

Hand Model Manicures

Hands Down Nail Services

Happy Feet Nail Salon

Heads N Nails Salon and Spa

Holy Nails!

Hot Nail Salon

Iluminar Nail Spa

In Style Nails & Spa


K Queen’s Nail Salon

L and R Nails

La Paris Nails

Let’s Nail It!

Let’s Talk Nails!

Lily On Nail & Spa

Little Piggies Nail Spa

Local Honey

Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

Mandy's Manicures

Mani Pedi To Go

ManiCare Mobile Salon

Manicures & Pedicures To Go

Manis and Pedis Salon

Milan Nailspa Salon

Milano Spa

Modern Spa

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Nailworks & Spa

New Ace Nail & Spa

      New Lots Nail Salon

New Love & Spa

New Millennium Nails

New Way Nails

Oasis Nail Spa

Oh My Nails!

On La Nails

Oriental Oasis Nails and Spa

Our Nail Spa


Pampered Hands

Pan’s Nail Salon

Perfect Polish Nail and Spa

Pink Blossom Nail & Spa


Pinky Fine Nail Salon

Pinky Toes Nail Salon

Plus Nails 2

Polaris Nail & Spa

Polish + Paint Nail Beauty Spa

Polish Me Pretty

Polish N Nail Salon

Polished Nail Bar

Primp & Polish

Pro Nails & Spa

Pro T Nails Spa

R J Sexy Nails Salon

Raise a Hand

Red Ruby Nail Salon

Red Sun Nails

Refresh Nail N Spa

Relax Nails Inc

Relaxed Nails Spa

RounGe Nail Salon

Ruby Everyday Nail Salon

Sabrina Nails

Sagittarius Nail & Spa

Salon Above

Salon Today

Sapphire Nails & Spa

Secret Nails

Silver Nails

Simply the Best Nail Salon

Sin City Nails

Sky Nails

Snow Fairy

Spa Blue

Spoiled Diva Nail Salon

Spring Sun Nail Salon

Star Hair & Nail

Stylish Ten Nail & Spa Salon

Sugar Nail

Sugarcoat Nail Salon


Sundays Nail Studio

Super Elegance Nails

Super One Nails

Sweetley Nails

Sweety Nail N Spa

T Sunflower Nail Care Salon

The Golden File

The Pink Chair

The Red Door Salon & Spa

Think Nail

Think Pink Nail & Spa

This Little Piggy Nail Salon

Tip O Nails

Tip to Toe

Tippity Toes Nail Salon

Tips and Toes Nail Spa

Tipsy Turvy Nails

TipToe Nail Salon


TNG : That Nail Girl


Touch of East Spa

Town Nails

True Colors Nail Salon

Twinkle Toes Nail Salon

Two Brown Eyed Girls

US Nails & Spa

Utopia Nail & Spa

Venus Nail

Vip Nail

We Love Tips Nail Salon