How to Name a Motel?

Naming your motel is a quite complicate task – the wrong brand may have the negative influence on your business, while the right, catchy name may be the key to success. If you want to come up with the best motel name, but do not know how to start, read the information below carefully. Numerous examples of already existing businesses in the USA and their classification will help you create your own original brand without much difficulty.

How to Name a Motel?

Such brands are very diverse, mostly because they do not have to be related to the business sphere. They have to be catchy and easy to remember, and this is the top priority. However, they may still be divided into three main groups each of which has its advantages. We hope that the examples of the great motel names and the description of the categories will inspire business owners, and they will come up with their own creative brand easily.

  1. Names associated with sun, sand, and sea. If your motel is located somewhere near the beach or at least in a sea city, such brands may be the win-win option for you. They include the keyword ‘motel’ or ‘inn’ and also the additional words that make the brand thematic. The catchiest names from this category are Tropico Motel, Sun-N-Sands Motel, Seven Seas motel, Aqua View Motel, and Sun-N-Surf Inn.
  2. Motels named after countries, cities, streets, districts, etc. The business owners may also use the names of certain localities. They may be directly related to the motel’s location, or have no relevance to it. In this last case, the names are rather catchy then thematic, for example, Alexandria Motel, El Dorado Motel, Sahara Motel, etc.
  3. Other original names. This category is very diverse, mostly because most of the brands have nothing similar except for the keywords ‘hotel’ and ‘inn’, for instance, Jerry’s Motel, Harmony Motel, Grand Motel, Sterling Inn, Victory Motel Inn, etc.

Examples of Catchy Motel Names

1. Names Associated with Sun, Sand, and Sea

Aqua View Motel

Beach Motel

Lagoon Motel

Oasis Motel

Ocean Park Motel

Sand Piper Motel

Sand’s Motel

Sandman Motel

Sea Rock Inn

Sea Shore Motel

Sea Sprite Motel & Apartments

Searhorse Inn

Seven Seas Motel

Sun Aire Motel

Sun Motel

Sun N Surf Inn

Sunburst Spa & Suites Motel

Sun-N-Sands Motel

Sunrise Inn

Sunset Inn

Surf Motel

Surfside Motel

Tropico Motel

Tropics West Motel

2. Motels Named after Countries, Cities, Streets, etc

Airport Motor Inn

Alexandria Motel

America Motel

Americas Best Value Inn

Atlantic Motor Inn

Bristol Motel

Broadway Motel

Crenshaw Inn Motel

Culver Motel

El Dorado Motel

Everglades Motel

Florence Motel

Gardena Motel

Geneva Motel

Golden West Manor Motel

Greenwich Inn

Hialeah Motel

Highland Park Motel

Hollywood Guest Inn

Jamaica Motel

Malta Motel

Merville Motel

Midtown Inn

Monterey Motel

Morningside Inn

Motel Capri

Ohio Motel

Park Cienega Motel

Rio Grande Motel

Rio Palace Motor Inn

Riviera Motor Inn

Sahara Inn

Southland Motel

Sylmar Motel

The Capri Motel

Towne Motel Alexandria

Vegas Motel

Wilshire Motel

Woodside Motel

3. Other Original Names

11 Howard

3 A Motel

777 Motor Inn

Ace Motel

Adam’s Inn

Ambassador Motel

Amber Motel

Andrea Motel

Avalon Motel

Avenue Motel

Beck’s Motor Lodge

Best Inn Motel

Blue Moon Motel

Boulevard Motor Inn

Bronco Motel

Bronco Motor Inn

Budget Inn

Carl’s Motel El Padre

Central Inn Motel

Charles Motel

Cinema Motel

Circle K Motel

Classic Motor Inn

Colony Inn

Comet Motel

Cook’s Motel

Copacabana Inn

Cornett Motel

Corona Motel

Crossbay Motor Inn

Crown Inn

Crystal Palace Inn

Deano’s Motel

Deegan Motel

Del Aire Inn

Deluxe Inn

Desert Inn

Diamond Inn

Diva Motel

Dixie Motel

Dream Inn

Dunes Inn

Eagle Rock Motel

Eastsider Motel

EC Motel

Econo Motor Inn

Economy Inn

El Cortez Motel

El Don Motel

El Grande Motel

El Rancho Motel

El-Pine Motel

Empire Inn

Encore Motel

Ernesto Motel

Fijian Motel

Flamingo Motel

Flight Motel

Flores Motel

Flushing Motel

Foxy Den Motel

Foxy’s Motor Inn

Friendship Motor Inn

Furst Motel

G G Motel

Galaxy Inn

Gem Motel

Golden Towers Motel

Grand Motel

Great Highway Inn

Harmony Motel

Harvard Motor Inn

Hathaway Inn

Haven Motel

Hedding Inn

Helen Hotel

Hi Rise Motel

Hi-lite Motel

Hill Top Motor Inn

Holiday Motel

Holiday Terrace Motel

Holloway Motel

Holly Crest Motel

Hoover Motel

Illusion Motel

Jay Motel

Jerry’s Motel

Jet Inn

Jets Motor Inn

Jolly Motel

Julia Motel

Kew Motor Inn

King Palace Inn

Knights Inn

La Campina Motel

La Cienega Motel

La Luna Inn

La Mirage Inn

La Rendezvous Motel

La Siesta Inn

La Siesta Motel

La Vista Motel

Lapsy Motel

Lazy B Motel

Look Motel Inn

Lotus Motel

Magic Carpet Century

Magic Carpet Motor Inn

Manor Motel

Marengo Inn

Mid City Inn Motel

Mirror Motel

Mission Motel

Motel 6

Motel 77

Motel Sakura-Glendale

Mt. View Motel

Mustang Motel

Mylo Hotel

New Bay Motel

Nexx Motel

Nolan’s Motel

Oak Tree Motel

One Ten Motel

Orange Grove Motel

Orchid Motel


Panorama Motel

Paradise Motel

Park Motel

Parkview Motel

Parlour Motel

Patio Motel

Pepper Tree Motel

Premiere Motel

Presidio Inn

Queens Motor Inn

Regency Inn

Relax Inn

Rest Haven Motel

Ricky Motel

Ritz Motel

Rocky Inn Motel

Rodeway Inn

Rosa Bell

Rose Bowl Motel

Royal Budget Inn Motel

Royal Pagoda Motel

Satellite Motel

Saturn Motel

Searle Motel

Seven Star Motel

Showtime Motel

Sindbad Motel

Skyview Motel

St Francis Motel

Stallion Inn Motel

Stardust Motel

Starlight Motel

Starlite West Motel

State Motel

Sterling Inn

Studio City Inn

Super 8

The Fly Inn

Top Hat Motel

Topper Motel

Tourist Lodge

Town House Motel

Travel Inn

Travelers Motel

Travelers Rest Motel


Treasure Cove Motel

Value Inn

Victory Motel Inn

Villa Brasil Motel

Villa Las Palmas

Villa Motel

Vogue Motel

Ward Hotel

Welcome Inn

Willows Motel Lodge

World Motel

York Motel