How to Name a Medical Clinic?

If you are going to open your own multi-specialty medical clinic, you should try to create the great catchy name for it. This task may be a complicated one, especially considering the fact that a lot of catchy thematic names are already used. However, their classification and the description of the main groups may help entrepreneurs come up with their own original name according to their wish and needs.

How to Name a Medical Clinic?

The vast majority of the names are related to medicine, health, long life, and care, and it can be easily explained – business owners need their customers to understand what kind of services they can get in this particular place. Although they are very diverse, the names can still be divided into main groups, each of which has its own features. Most of them include the keyword that becomes the basic part, and the other words, nouns, adjectives, numbers, and even phrases that make the name unique.

  1. Names that include the keyword ‘care’ or the key phrase ‘health care’. The keyword may be combined with the words and even numbers related to the medicine, for example, 360 All Caring, Restora Care, Ultra Care Medical Group, with different adjectives, for instance, Embracing Care, Genuine Care, Urban Care, with the names of the owners and unrelated words. By adding the word ‘care’ to the name, you make it thematic, that, in turn, guarantees that your medical clinic will not be confused with any other business.
  2. Names that include the word ‘health’. In general, these names are similar for the previous group, except for the keyword they include. The principle remains the same – you include the keyword ‘health’ and the other words, and get the unique name for your medical center, for example, Andromeda Transcultural Health, Amazing Love Health Clinic, Heart of Health, Sacred Health Medical Clinic, etc.
  3. Medical clinics named after the saints. You can also name your health center after a saint. The examples of such names are St. James Health Center, St. Anthony’s Medical Clinic, St. Anthony Medical Center, and so forth.
  4. Other thematic names. This category is the most diverse; however, most of the names are somehow related to the medicine, health, treatment, recovery, care, hope, love, life, etc, for example, Mediversal, AllCure Medical360, My Choice Medical Center, Mercy Doctors Medical Group, In Good Hands Group, etc. The other names also can hardly be confused with some other business due to the inclusion of the keywords, such as ‘clinic’, ‘medical’, ‘life’, ‘doctor’, and so forth.

Medical Clinic Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Keyword 'Care' or the Key Phrase 'Health Care'

360 All Caring

360 EveryBody Care

360 MultiplexCare

ActiveCare Medical

All ClinicalCare

All Managing Care Clinic

All of You Health Care

All Primary Care Here

Allied Health Care

AlphaOmega Care

Asian Pacific Health Care Venture

Athenity Care

Attentive Medical Care

Be Well Health Care

Bestcare Clinic

Blue Sky Care

Body and Mind Health Care

Brentview Medical Urgent Care

BroadHealth Medical Care

Care and More

CareforYou Clinic

Claris Care

Community Healthcare Network

Complete Care Community Health

Comprehensive Primary Care

CoreCare Clinic

Crimson Care Clinic

Distinct Medical Care

Doctors Specialized Care Group

Embracing Care

EnableCare Health System


Everybody’s Care

Exclusive Care Medical

Expresscare Medical Clinic

EzCare Medical Clinic

Family & Urgent Care Medical Center

Genuine Care

GroupOne Clinic Care

Healthcare Abundance


Helping Hand Care

Intact Care Medical Group

Integral Clinic Care

Integris Medical Care

Kaiser Permanente Health Care

Master Care Clinic


MedEssential Urgent Care

New Care Clinic

OurCare Clinic

PerfectCare Clinic

PolyCare Medical

Primary Care Now

Prime Directive Care

PrimeCare Health

Primo Medical Care

Priority Care

QueensCare Health Center

Restora Care


Sunset Urgent Care Medical Clinic

ThoroughCare Clinic

Total Care Medical Clinic

TotalTrust HealthCare

Totus Care Medical

TruCare Medical

Ulitmate Care Medical Group

UltraCare Medical Group


United Care Family Medical Center

Unity Health Care


Vitality Healthcare

We’re There Care

WeCare Medical

2. Names that Include the Word 'Health'

Aegist Health Services

Alleviate Health Clinic

Amazing Love Health Services

Amsterdam Family Health Center

Andromeda Transcultural Health

BioHealth Complete

Castro-Mission Health Center

Center for Community Health Downtown

Central City Community Health Center

Claris Health

Core Health & Wellness Center

Excelsior Health Services


Focus Health

Frontline Health Clinic

Health and Wellness Medical Clinic

Health Charge

Health Happiness Clinic

Health Link Medical Center

Health RX Medical Group

HealthAspects Medical


HealthRight 360



Heart of Health

Indigo Integrative Health Clinic


Maxine Hall Health Center

One Purpose Health System

Restorative Health

Sacred Health Medical Clinic

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Health Center

Silver Avenue Family Health Center

Southeast Health Center Clinic

Sync Health

Tenderloin Health Services

To Help Everyone Health and Wellness Center

Trinity Health and Wellness Medical Group

Tru Health Medical Clinic

Universal Community Health Center


Watts Health Center

WholeHealth Medical

3. Medical Clinics Named After the Saints

St. Anthony Medical Centers

St. Anthony’s Medical Clinic

St. James Health Center

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center

St. John’s Well Child Center

St. Luke Medical Clinic

St. Mary’s Medical Center

St. Vincent Medical Center

4. Other Thematic Names

360 Blue Sky Choice Clinic


3C Medical Clinic

Absolutions Group

Accord Medical Group

All Phase Medical

AllCure Medical360

Allergy Medical Clinic

AllNeeds Medical

Alloy Medical Group

AllParts Clinic

AltaMed Medical Group

Amen Clinics

Angeles Medical Clinic

Any Condition Clinic

Arc Medical Group

Arch Medical

Beth Medical Clinic

Bethany Medical Clinic

BodyFit Medical

Calvary Medical Clinic

Cardinal Premier Primary Medicine

Central Medical Clinic

Child Guidance Clinic


Clinic By the Bay


Columbia Doctors

Community of Hope

Curesse Clinic

Ditman Medical Clinic

Dorothy Mae Medical Clinic

Dr. Paul Memorial Med Center

Egemont Medical Clinic

Elite Medical Clinic

EliteSpec Medical

Enfolding Arms

Evergreen Medical Clinic

Everyone’s Clinic

Evolution Medical Clinic


Family Medical Clinic

Fatima Medical Group

Florence Medical Center


Fountain Medical Clinic

Fusion Medical Clinic

General Medical Associates

Guardian Center

HappyFamily Medical Clinic

Her Medical Clinic

Hub Clinic

In Good Hands Group

Interfaith Medical Center

La Chinatown Medical Clinic

La Fe Medical Clinic

Legion Medical Clinic

Life Guard Group

Life Spiral Clinic

Lim-Keith Medical Clinic

Manchester Medical Group

MedBatch Clinic

Medcor Clinic

MedExtense Clinical

Medically Adundant

Medics USA


MediMax Clinic

Medistar Clinic




MedStar Hospital Center


Mercy Doctors Medical Group


Miracle Mile Medical Center

Mirae Medical Clinic

Mitsuoka Medical Clinic


Multiple Choice Clinic

My Choice Medical Center

Myriad Group

NextStep Medical Clinic

Night and Day Medical

Normandie Medical Center

Northeast Community Clinic


Ocean Medical Clinic

One Medical

OpenDoor Medical

Over The Top Medical

Oxford Medical Clinic

Pacific Clinics

Paradigm Medical

People’s Community Clinic

Plentiful Medical Clinic


Prime Medical

Primus Medical Clinic

Reach Clinic

Reach Medical

Relion Medical Group

RelyOn Medical

Restore Medical Group

Saban Community Clinic

Salus Clinic

South Central Family

Specialized Medical Professionals Clinic

Specifix Medical


Sphere Clinic

Sunset Free Clinic


The New Freedmen’s Clinic

The Works Clinic

TopLine Specialty Clinic

Total Med Clinic

Unified Medical

Union Medical

United Medical Clinic

Vangard Clinic


Vitalife Clinic

Walk Of Life Clinic

Walk-In Clinic

Weingart Medical Clinic

Whittier Fetterly Med Clinic

Wholly Medical Clinic

Worry Free Medical Clinic

Your Life Center

Zone Group