How to Name a Laundry?

Naming a laundry is one of the keys to the success, and that is why we found the catchiest names of such businesses in the USA, divided them into the main categories, and described them in details. Such classification and numerous examples of these brands are aimed to help a businessman come up with the perfect name for his laundromat with no efforts.

How to Name a Laundry?

Laundry names can be virtually divided into 6 main groups, each of which has its own features and advantages. We described them carefully to help you to choose the best name for your business without much effort.

  1. Two-word names (noun + keyword). Such thematic keywords as ‘laundry’, ‘cleaners’, ‘Laundromat’, and ‘wash’ may be combined with various nouns, for instance, ‘people’, ‘fashion’, ‘family’, and even ‘cafe’. The main advantage of this group of brands is that they are short, catchy, and thematic due to the inclusion of the keywords.
  2. Two-word names (adjective + keyword). This method of naming is similar to the previous words, except that the keywords are combined with different adjectives. By using it, a business owner can create such interesting and easy-to-remember brands as Mean Clean, Happy Laundry, Imperial Cleaners, Bright Cleaners, etc.
  3. One-word names. They are very simple and catchy, for example, Bubble or Rinse. It should also be noticed that some of them are two words combined in one, for instance, Launderland or Laundrywood.
  4. Brands that include the name of the owner or his/her initials. Adding your or someone else’s first or last name to the brand is a win-win way to get an easy-to-remember brand, for example, Don Roberto Laundromat, Mr. Green Laundry, Tom’s Cleaners and so forth.
  5. Names that include foreign words. The inclusion of the foreign words and phrases in the name can also help you create the unique brand, for instance, Nouveau Cleaners, El Mundo Laundromat, Bonita Coin Laundry, etc.
  6. Three-word names. These brands are longer and more complicated than most of the previous ones; however, they also sound original due to the adding of the catchy phrases. By using this method, you can get such great names as Old Town Laundromat, Aphrodite French Laundry, One Stop Do All, Lucky 999 Laundromat, Miss Bubble Laundromat and so forth.

1. Two-Word Names (Noun + Keyword)

Alligator Laundry

Batson’s Laundry

Boys Laundromat

Bubbles & Suds

Clothespin Laundromat

Coin Laundry

Community Laundry

Crest Cleaners

Family Laundry

Fashion Laundry

Flair Cleaners

Hippodrome Cleaners

Laundry Boy

Laundry Breeze

Laundry Bubble

Laundry Center

Laundry Dash

Laundry Lounge

Laundromat Café

Laundry Basket

Laundry Warehouse

Laundry Zone

Love Laundry

Merit Cleaners

Nature Cleaners

Olympia Laundromat

Prestige Laundry

Queen Laundromat

Sunset Laundry

Symphony Cleaners

Terrace Laundry

The Laundry People

The Palace Laundromat

The Valet Laundry

Tokyo Cleaners

Village Laundry

Wash Club

Wash House

2. Two-Word Names (Adjective + Keyword)

Best Cleaner

Best Laundry

Bright Cleaners

Chinese Laundry

City Laundry

Classic Laundry

Clean Action

Clean Laundry

Clean People

Coin-Op Laundry

Giant Laundry Center

Happy Laundromat

Happy Laundry

Heavenly Laundromat

Imperial Cleaners

Krystal Kleen

Long Cleaners

Mean Clean

Mega Coin Laundry

Next Cleaners

Sincere Laundry

Sparkling Coin

Splendid Cleaners

Sunny Cleaners

Super Laundry

The Laundress Store

The Washing Machine

Thrifty Wash

Top Coin Laundry

3. One-Word Names













4. Brands That include the Name of the Owner or His/Her Initials

Adam’s Laundry

Adams Coin Laundry

Adriana’s Laundromat

Alba Dry Cleaners

Angelica Corporation

Azteca’s Laundry

Baron’s Dry Cleaners

Bob’s Cleaners

Cindy’s Cleaners

Desi’s Coin

Don Roberto Laundromat

Fazio Cleaners

Gary’s Cleaners

Gebrardt’s Dry Cleaning

Gracies Laundry

Jane Laundromat

Jeeves Laundry Services

Jian’s Cleaners

Jim Lee Laundry and Cleaners

JJ’s Laundromat

Kerrie’s Laundry Land

Laundry by Julia

Laundry Max

Lin’s Laundromat

Lucy’s Laundromat

Lucy’s Laundry Mart

Mariya’s Laundry

Mr Anthony Cleaners

Mr. Green Laundry

Murray Cleaners

Nelson Cleaners

Sartorius Cleaners

Swan’s Cleaners

Tom’s Cleaners

Victor’s Cleaners

5. Names that Include Foreign Words

Av Chang Laundry

Bonita Coin Laundry

Cosmo Lauderama

El Mundo Laundromat

El Sereno Laundry

Epanema Laundry

Excellente Laundry Service & Dry

Nouveau Cleaners

6. Three-Word Names

24 Coin Laundry

24 Hour Laundromat

3 G’s Laundry

777 Cleaners & Laundry

A1 Dry Cleaners

Abc Dry Cleaners & Laundromat

All American Laundry-Dry Cleaning

Aphrodite French Laundry

Aroma Laundry & Water

Avenue C Laundromat

Baronet Cleaners & Laundry

Bed Bug Laundry

Bed Bug Laundry Service

Blue Ribbon Laundry

Brown Bag Laundry

BTM Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Bubbles Dry Cleaners

Busy B’s Laundrette

Central Coin Laundry

Chine Cleaning & Laundry

Chy Coin Laundromat

Cinnamon’s Coin Laundry

Clean ‘n Green Laundromat

Clean Action Laundromat

Clean King Laundry

Cotton Club Cleaners

Crown Clears & Laundry

Crown Laundry Systems

Eagle Express Laundry

Eddy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners

Encino Dry Cleaners

Excellent Laundry Services

Executive Shirt Laundry

Express 1 Laundroat

Flair Cleaners Studio City

Free Dry Laundromat

French Hand Laundry & Dry

Fresh Laundry & Cleaners

Good Looking Lin Laundry

Grace Cleaners & Laundry

Grand View Dry Cleaner

Great Wall Laundry & Cleaning

Green Parrot Laundromat

Home Wash Coin Laundry

Hoy Laundry & Cleaners

Island Fresh Laundry

JB French Dry Cleaners

Jumbo Wash Laundry

Just For You Laundry

KM Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Kwik Wash Laundromat & Dry

Laundry to You

LaundryMax Express

Lavanderia Coin Laundry

Life Without Laundry

Lincoln Terrace Cleaners

Local Coin Laundry

Lucky 999 Laundromat

M & J Laundry

Manchester Coin Laundry

Min81 Laundromat

Miss Bubble Laundromat

Modern Coin Laundry

Mony Coin Laundry

Mulberry Street Cleaners

Neighborhood Coin Laundry

New Absolute Laundromat

New Generation Laundry

New Life Laundry

New Lots Laundry

New Phoenix Laundromat

New Seven Star Laundry

Old Town Laundromat

One Hour National Cleaners

One Stop Do All

Orchard Cleaners & Laundromat

Our Beautiful Launderette

Prestige Garment Care

Quick & Bright Coin Laundry

Quick Coin Four

Quick Coin Laundry

R P Coin Laundry

Regency Cleaners Inc

Reliable Laundry & Cleaners

Same Day Laundromat

San Toy Laundry

Sherman Oaks Coin Laundry

Sloan’s Dry Cleaners & Laundry

So Clean Laundromat

Soapy Clean Coin Laundry

Speedy Coin Laundry

Spin Coin Laundry

Sugar Hill Laundry

Suits and Skirts Cleaners

Sun Park Laundromat

Sunland Coin Laundry

Sunshine Coin & Laundry

Super Clean Laundromat

Super Coin Laundry

Superior Coin Laundry

Superwash Laundromat-Dry Cleaning

Ten Street Laundromat

The Eco Laundry Company

The Mat II

Three Kids Laundromat

Tian Tian Laundromat

Times One Laundry & Dry

Tower West Cleaners

Trojan Cleaner & Laundry

Turtle Bay Dry Cleaners

U S Laundry & Cleaner

Union Coin Laundry

Up Cleaners and Drop Off Laundry

Uptown Laundromat

V&T’s Laundry Box

Wash and Fold Laundromat

Wash On Western

Wash Rite Laundromat

Wash Time Coin Laundry

Wash Time Laundry

Wash&Dry Laundry

Washin’ Wear Laundry

Waterside Cleaners & Laundry

Watts Coin Laundry

Well More Laundromat

Western Laundromat

Wewash Laundry & Cleaners

Wonder Wash & Dry

Young French Cleaner

Zip Laundry Center