How to Name a Handbag Store?

Everyone who is going to open a handbag store needs a great attention-grabbing name for it. These names are unique – everything depends on the business sphere. When it comes to the brand of handbags, most of the entrepreneurs use their own names. But what to do if someone does not want to follow this rule or is going to open the store where various brands will be presented? The careful analysis of the handbag store names and their division into the main groups may help the future business owner to come up with his or her catchy name, so if you are looking for a win-win option, consider the information below.

How to Name a Handbag Store?

The choice of the name usually depends on the business idea. Do you want to create your own brand and start producing luxury handbags? Then you need a name that will be short and catchy. Do you want to open a handbag store with a wide selection of the goods by various brands? Then you need a nice thematic and at the same time attention-grabbing name. To make a right choice, consider the categories below – we hope that this analysis will help you come up with your own unique name without much difficulty. 

  1. Names that Include the Word ‘Purse’. Although this word is old-fashioned, many stores still use it in naming. Due to the inclusion of ‘purse’, the name becomes thematic, for instance, Purses & More, Princess Purses, Perfect Purse, and so forth.
  2. Names that Include the Word ‘Handbag’. This keyword is perfect for the store owners. By adding it, they can get such creative names as Handbags International, Dolce Vita Handbags, Young Star Handbags, and so forth.
  3. Names that Include the Word ‘Bag’. This group is similar to the previous ones – the keyword makes the name thematic. It is often combined with adjectives and nouns, for instance, City Bags, Luxury Bags, Birdy Ben Bags, etc.
  4. Other Names. This category may be interesting for those who want to create their own brand. Of course, most such brands include the name of the owner; however, there are other options, for instance, Pozitive, Red Drop, Style Bites, etc. Most of them are short and catchy, and that’s all the brand needs to be successful.

 Purse/Handbag Business Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Purse'

For the Love of Purses

Max Purse

Perfect Purse

Princess Purses

Purses & More

2. Names that Include the Word 'Handbag'

Choice Handbags

Dolce Vita Handbags

Dyeable Shoes and Handbags

Halo Handbags

Handbag Heaven

Handbags International

Material Things Handbags

Neo Handbags

Wholesale Handbag Design

Young Star Handbags

3. Names that Include the Word 'Bag'


Bags Unlimited

Beloved Bags

Bett Bags

Birdy Ben Bags

City Bags

House o Bags Boutique

Luxury Bags


4. Other Names

Arm Candy


Danny Black


Fashion Express



First Fan





Happy Attic

Lady First




Red Drop

Serene Tone

Style Bites

The Way We Wore

Too Much

Urban Active