How to Name a Bookstore?

If you are going to open a bookstore, you should try to find the best name for it. It should be attention-grabbing and at the same time thematic. In other words, it should reflect the business concept and at the same time bring the positive emotions and associations with the world of stories, fairy tales, adventures, and deep thoughts. If you want to make a choice a little easier, consider the numerous samples of the bookstore names and the analysis of the main groups of names – we hope that this information will help you come up with your own, unique and catchy bookshop name.

How to Name a Bookstore?

It should be mentioned that this business sphere is unique. The owners of the bookshops can choose novels, the names of the characters, interesting puns, and, of course, the keywords to create a nice catchy name for their places. We analyzed the main principles of naming to help you create your own cool brand without any efforts.

  1. Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs or Phrases + The Keyword ‘Book’. The inclusion of the word ‘book‘allows creating attention-grabbing thematic names. You can use various nouns, adjectives, and even phrases to get such names as Revolution Books, Read Books, Small World Books, We Love Books, etc.
  2. Names that include the keyword ‘bookstore’ or the key phrase ‘book shop’. Actually, these keywords don’t influence on the meaning of the name. You can add it to any word or phrase, for instance, Guiding Light Book Store, Happy Bookstore, Sunshine Book Shop, Alice’s Quiet Mind Bookstore.
  3. The Keyword ‘Book’ + Other Words and Phrases. These names are similar to the names from the first group, except for the keyword that is not at the end but at the beginning of the phrase, for example, Book Addicts, Bookfinger, Book Soup, and even BookBook.
  4. Other Bookstore Names. The most creative names are included in this category. Though most of them have nothing in common, all of them are attention-grabbing and thematic. You can use the names of the most famous books, the names of the characters, writers or cool puns, for instance, What the Book?, What the Dickens, Galatea, Fahrenheit 452, Ooga Booga, and so forth.

Bookstore Name Ideas

1. Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs or Phrases + The Keyword 'Book'

ABC 123 Books

Aldine Books

Antigone Books

Basic Books

Bolerium Books

Borderlands Books

Browser Books

Century Books

Choices Books & Gift Shop

Chronicle Books

Compass Books

Counterpoint Records & Books

Dog Eared Books

Downtown Books

Forest Books

G Books

Green Apple Books

Gulliver’s Books

Hooray for Books

Learn-a-Lot Books

Look Inna Book

MonkeyBrain Books

Narnia Children’s Books

Nevermore Used Books

Once Upon a Book

OOF Books

Peepers Books

Pioneer Books

Potterton Books

Rain or Shine Books

Rainbow Books

Read Books

Revolution Books

Scuzzydog Books

Second Story Books

Skylight Books

Small World Books

Terrace Books

Undercover Books

Uptown Books

Waiting for Godot Books

Walls of Books

We Love Books!

2. Names that Include the Keyword 'Bookstore' or the Key Phrase 'Book Shop'

$10 Or Less Bookstore

A Whole New World Bookstore

A1 Bookstore

AAA Book Shop

Alice’s Quiet Mind Bookstore

Argonaut Book Shop

Black Bird Bookstore

Brick Row Book Shop

Cheshire Cat Book Shop

Classics Bookstore

Cornerstone Bookstore

Cover 2 Cover Book Shop

Daily Planet Book Store

Diesel, A Bookstore

Friends Of the Library Bookstore

Greenlight Bookstore

Guiding Light Book Store

Happy Bookstore

Here’s A Book Store

Heritage Book Shop

Holy Family Book Store

Imagine Bookstore

Mother Goose Bookstore

Munchkin Book Store

Mystic Journey Bookstore

Once Upon A Time Bookstore

Peepers and Pages Bookstore

Politics and Prose Bookstore

Psychic Eye Book Shops

Readers Bookstore

Reading Rhonda's Bookstore

Sister’s Uptown Bookstore

Sunshine Book Shop

Tempo Bookstore

The Corner Bookstore

The Drama Book Shop

The Last Bookstore

The Secret Garden Bookstore

World Book Store

3. The Keyword 'Book' + Other Words and Phrases

Book Addicts

Book Alley

Book Are Magic

Book Culture

Book Nation

Book Passage

Book Revue

Book Soup






Books & Bookshelves

Books Books Books

Books By the Ocean

Books For Less Showroom

Books of Wonder



The Book Basement

The Book Train

4. Other Bookstore Names

A Likely Story

A New Chapter

A Novel Idea

All Booked Up

Alladin’s Lamp

Alternate Universe

Amazing Fantasy

Author Attic



Bookmark Joe's

Bookworm & Silverfish

Bound to Please

Children’s  Book World

City Lights Booksellers & Publishers

Copperfield & Twist

Daily Dose of Reading

Daily Planet

Deliberate Literate


East City Bookshop

Elastic Press

Fahrenheit 451

Forbidden Planet


Frozen Lava Lamp


Golden Legend


Half Half Press

Hidden Treasure Bookshop

Hobbit Hall

House of Secrets

Jump Q

Just One More Chapter

Kitchen Sink Press

Klutz Press

Leaves of Grass

Listen, My Children

Little Dickens

Locus Solus Rare Books

Middle East Books and More

Mysteries to Die For

Mystery Pier

Needles & Pens

No Starch Press

Novel Hovel

Nucleus Art Gallery

Ooga Booga

Other Books, Comics, and Zines


Paging All Readers!



Pleasure Bound

Pooh Corner

Pop-Hop Books & Print

Prince and Pauper

Quest Bookshop

Run or Cover!

Secret Headquarters


TBeyond Barouque

The Author's Library

The Big Book Superstore

The Constant Reader

The Green Arcade

The Happy Booker

The Iliad Bookshop

The Miller’s Daughter

The MOCA Store

The Mysterious Bookshop

The Perfect Crime

The Poisoned Pen

The Potter’s House

The Prints and the Paper

The Ripped Bodice

The Scholar Ship

Things From Another World

Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine

Turn the Page

Twice Read Tales

Twice Sold Tales

Westside Stories

What the Book?

What the Dickens

White Raboot


Worm, The

Yellow Book Road