How to Name a Hair Salon?

If you are going to open your own hair salon, you definitely need a nice catchy name for it. Most of the entrepreneurs want it to be creative and thematic, but how to come up with it if it seems that all attention-grabbing names already exist? The answer is simple – there are certain methods of naming you can use to create your own name. In this article, you can find their description and numerous examples that will help you complete this task without much difficulty.

How to Name a Hair Salon?

There are a lot of already existing hair salon names, and sometimes it seems that all great ideas are already used. However, the careful analysis of these names shows that most of them are created by using particular schemes, and we tried to describe them carefully. The numerous examples in the tables are also aimed to show you what principles can be used in naming and to inspire you to create your own creative and unique name.

  1. Names that include the keyword ‘cut’ or ‘cutting’. Most of the hair salon names include the keywords – hair, hair salon, cuts or cutting. However, the last ones are used less frequently, and that is why we created a separate category for them. Although they are not numerous, they are quite diverse. They can be combined with different words, and that allows creating creative and at the same time thematic names such as Bubble Cuts (Noun + Keyword), Cute Cut (Adjective + Keyword), Sista’s Hair Cut & Beauty, Color, Cut, and More, and so forth.
  2. Simple one-word and two-word hair salon names. This group can be divided into two subcategories – one-word and two-word names. As for the first ones, they are the most catchy and easy-to-remember ones. Most frequently they are associated with the sphere of business, for instance, Scissori, Shampoo, Fringe, Strands, Blonde, etc. They can also consist of two words combined into one, for example, Cliptomania, Hairhaus, Luxelab, and so forth. Some of them, in turn, don’t have any relation to hair or beauty but are attention-grabbing, for instance, Persona, On Edge, Miracles, etc. As for the two-word names, they are often created with the help of the following schemes: Word (noun, adverb, adjective, number) + Keyword (studio, salon, hair), for example, Orange Salon, Refuge Salon, Canary Salon, Shin Hair, and so forth; and Keyword + Word (number, adjective, noun or adverb), for instance, Hair Wizard, Hair Fairies, Hairroin Salon (in this case the keyword is changed), Salon Unmixed,  Salon Pure, Salon Three, etc. These names may also include conjunctions and prepositions that turn them into the phrases with the certain meaning. It should also be noticed that they don’t necessarily include the keywords – some of the two-word names are more creative, for example, Layer Theory, Balayage by Gigi, Brass Palace, The Mane Attraction, Great Clips, Game of Tresses, and so forth.
  3. Other names that consist of three and more words. This is the largest and the most diverse category of hair salon names. Just like the names from the groups above, they may include or not include the keywords that are quite diverse as well. It is hard to classify them because most of them are not created according to the certain schemes – they are rather the phrases with the certain meaning, for example, Color Me Crazy, Comb They Tresses, Curl Me Crazy, and so on and so forth. However, there are the numerous examples of names that represent this scheme “Adjective + Noun + Keyword or Key Phrase”, for instance, Amazing Changes Hair Studio, Magic Touch Salon, Mint Hair Studio, etc. There are also creative names such as Whoop Dee Doo Salon, so you can use literally any words and phrases – nothing should limit your imagination, as the main goal of a business owner is to come up with an attention-grabbing name.

Hair Salon Name Ideas

1.Names that Include the Keyword 'Cut' or 'Cutting'

A Cut Above Salon

An Elegant Cut

Blunt Cut

Bubble Cuts

Classic Cuts

Color, Cut, and More

Cute Cut

Cutting Crew

Cutting Edge

Cutting Line Studio

Cutting Zone

Darling DryCut Salon

Director's Cut

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color

Hollywood Cuts

Hot Stuff Hair Cutting

Keene Cuts Hair Salon


Perfect Cuts


Sista’s Hair Cut  & Beauty


That's Cut!

The Blunt Cut

The Cutting Edge

Top Cuts


2. Simple One-Word and Two-Word Hair Salon Names

A Blunt Story

A Dyeing Query

A Hairy Tale

Amity Hair

Asante Salon

Auburn Studio

Audrey Salon

Awesome Hair

Balayage by Gigi

Bangs On Target

Bay Wash

Beauty Box

Beauty Mark

Bed Head

Bits and Bobs


Blue Note

Blush Salon

Bombshell Studio

Boulevard Salon

Brass Palace

Bubbles Salon

Canary Salon

Capella Salon

Chop Shop


Classy Shears

Clip Joint


Color Chic

Crop Salon

Curly Girl

Diversity Salon

Ea Salon

Etude Lounge


Feathered Flip

Fiesta Salon

Firefly Salon

Fly-Away Hair

Folklore Salon

Foxtail Salon


Fringe Business

Frizzy Palace

Fuchsia Hive

Fusion Hair

Game of Tresses

Great Clips

Grow Salon

Hair Architects

Hair Castle

Hair Craft

Hair Epoch

Hair Fairies

Hair Inc

Hair News

Hair Sophisticate

Hair Star

Hair Team

Hair Wizard


Hairroin Salon





Heretic Salon

Highlights Salon

Holy Snip

Imagen Salon

Inspirations Salon

Just Curls

Just Extensions

Lavish Locks

Layer Theory

Liberated Salon

Live or Dye

Lux Hair

Lux Salon


Mino Salon


Mirror Mirror

Mode Salon

Mon Petit

Neighborhood Salon

On Edge

Orange Salon

Permeate Salon


Primrose Organics

Razor Sharp

Refuge Salon

Regis Salon

Salon 253

Salon Eleven

Salon Familia

Salon Nouveau

Salon On Main

Salon Plush

Salon Pure

Salon Rouge

Salon Three

Salon Unmixed

Salon XYZ


Scissors N' Razors


Serenity Salon


Shear Desire

Shear Genius


Shin Hair

Side Part

Sirens Salon

Spritz Salon

Stardust Salon



Studio Seven

Studio V

Stylin' Chic

Superior Salon

The Colorist

The Curl

The Establishment Salon

The Green Salon

The Hair Lair

The Makeover Haven

The Makeover Place

The Mane Attraction

The Merry Weavers

The Parlor

The Phoenix Salon

The Studio

Tousled to Tamed

Tousled Tresses

Treat Salon


Tryst Salon

Turning Heads

Under the Dryer


United Hairways

Velvet Spa

Walk-In Trim

Waves Hair Salon

Workshop Salon

3. Other Names that Consist of Three and More Words

3 Hair Makeup

A Little off the Top

Action Hair Salon

All About Miracles Hair Salon

All Tangled Up

Amazing Changes Hair Studio

Ambiance Coiffure Hair Salon

Angel Hair Salon

Assort International Hair Salon

Attitudes Hair Salon

Attractions Hair Salon

Bang Salon Gallery Place

Barber With A Cause

Beauty Secret Hair Salon

Bel Air Nails and Hair Salon

Best Cup Hair Salon

Big Hair Beauty Salon

Bleu Hair Salon

Blonde’s Hair Salon

Bloom Beauty Salon

Blossom Hair Salon

Blue Sky Hair Salon

Bothell Hair Studio

Brag Hair Salon

Brass In Pocket Barbershop & Salon

Bronze Bob Shed

BrownHair Salon

Brush Salon & Spa

Butterfly Loft Salon & Spa

C C Hair Salon

CarLeo Hair Salon

Changes Hair Studio

Chapman Hair Salon

Cindy Sound Hair Studio

Classy Lady Salon

CoCo & Company Hair Salon

Color Me Crazy

Comb Thy Tresses

Concepts A Hair Salon

Curl Me Crazy

Curl Up 'n' Dye

D Side Studio Hair Salon

Defining Moments Hair Salon

Déjà vu Salon

Details Hair Studio

Dharma Salon and Spa

Don't Flip Out

Double O Salon

Dull and Dry No More

Dye It To Believe It

Dyeing To Escape

Dying for Color

Elevation Hair Salon

Encore Hair Studio

Escape Hair Salon & Spa

Estilo Hair Salon

Evolve Hair & Art

Family Affair Hair Salon

Filament Hair Salon

For the Curly Girl

Free Spirit Salon

Friends Beauty Salon

Gold on Grand Salon

Golden Hair Salon

Gorgeous by Sorelle

Hair 4 You

Hair Day Beauty Salon

Hair Dot Com

Hair Paradise Beauty Salon

Hair People Full Services Salon

Hair Sexyola Salon

Hair to Toe Hair Salon

Hair with Flare

HairBeat Hair Collection & Salon

Hairline Beauty Salon

Happy Hair Salon

Headdress Hair Salon

Headscape Hair Studio

High Life Hair Salon

Holiday Hair Salon

Hollywood 2 U Hair Studio

I AM Natural Beauty Hair Salon

Identity Hair Salon

Illusion Hair Studio

Impressions Hair Studio

Inspire Hair Studio and Creative Designs

J&I Hair Salon

Jasmine Hair Salon

Lighten Up Hair & Beauty

Looks of Love Hair Salon

Loops Hair Studio

Lotte Hair Salon

Lotus Hair Salon

Lounge 9 Salon

Love Your Hair

Magic Touch Salon

Mahogany Soul Natural Hair Salon

Mai’s Hair Salon

Mane Attraction

Manic Panic Salon

Master Hair Salon

Masterpieces Hair Salon

Mecca Hair Studio

Mint Hair Studio

Mizu Salon

Moa Hair Studio

Modem Salon & Spa

Mr & Ms Beauty Supply & Hair Studios

MyTuch Hair Salon

Natural Hair Salon

New Attitude House of Beauty

New Beginnings Hair Salon

New Image Hair Salon

Nuevo Look Salon

Oasis Hair Salon

Opulence Hair Salon

Origin Salon Spa

Paris Hair Salon

Platinum Salon & Spa

Plum Hair Studio

Posh Hair Salon

Profiles Hair Studio

Pure Pleasure Salon

Rainbow Family Hair Salon

Revival Hair Studio

Rock Paper Salon

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rose One Hair Salon

Salon Platinum Black

Salon Tii Gavo

Sears Hair Salon

Seasons Hair Salon

Signature Image Salon

Simply Beautiful Hair Salon

Simply Raw Hair Salon

Sisters Beauty Salon

SmartStyle Hair Salon

Smile Hair Salon

Spectrum Hair Salon

Star’s Hair Salon

Studio 150 Hair Salon & Boutique

Studio H Salon

Studio Prominence

Styles n' Smiles

Styles Studio

Suncoast Hair Salon

Super Hair Salon

Surprise Hair Salon

Sweet Pixie Salon

Taboo Hair Salon

The Artist Room

The Color Palette

The Powder Room West

The Red Chair Salon & Spa

The Velvet Rope Hair Studio

The Who Hair Biz

Third Dimension Salon

Tiffany’s Hair Salon

To Dye Or Not To Dye

Today’s Style Hair Salon

Top 2 Bottom Hair Salon

Trust! Hair Salon

Turning Heads Salon and Boutique

Twigs Hair Salon

Unique Creations Salon

Unique Hair Salon

Universal Hair Salon

Upper Crust Hair Salon

V S Hair Salon

Vanities Beauty Salon

Vanity Hair Studio

Vincent Hair Artistry

VIP Hair Salon

Virtuous Hair Studio

Visage Hair Salon

Washed Out Salon

We Fight Tangle Demons

We The Choppers

We'll Straighten It Out

What's The Highlight?

White Salon Hair Studio

Whole Lotta Stylin'

Whoop Dee Doo Salon

Wild Root Salon & Spa

Works of Art Hair Salon

Young Hair Salon

Your Hair Is My Drug