How to Name a Gym Business?

If you are going to start a gym business, you will need to carefully consider all strategies of naming and then come up with your own variant. The names of fitness centers, gyms, and studios are quite diverse, and that is why we divided them into the main groups. By analyzing these samples and their classification, you will come up with your own great name with little effort.

How to Name a Gym Business?

Of course, most of these names are somehow related to the sphere of business due to the inclusion of the keywords, for instance, fitness, sport, gym, etc, or due to the drawing parallels with physical activity, evolution, health, and so forth. We divided them into groups in order for you to use the strategies of naming and create the catchy name for your fitness business.

  1. Names that include the word ‘fitness’ or ‘fit’. These keywords may be combined with various adjectives, nouns, and even phrases that may be thematic or non-thematic. Moreover, they may have a certain meaning that will help your customers understand what your specialization is. For instance, such variants as Women’s World Fitness Center and True Warrior Fitness are related to the gender, while such names as Mind-Body Fitness Pilates Studio and On the Dance Floor Fitness tell your customers what sport is your priority.
  2. Names that include the word ‘gym’. This keyword is also combined with different nouns, adjectives, and phrases, for example, Coliseum Gym, Nerdstrong Gym, Elite Gym, Ultimate Gym, and so forth.
  3. Other fitness business names. This group is very diverse. It is similar to the first category of names; however, such brands do not include the above-mentioned keywords. Most of them are also thematic, i.e. related to sports in general or associated with a certain one, inspirational, motivational, etc, for example, Sparta Academy, Become Healthy, Body Tuning, Muscle Up, and so forth.

Fitness Business Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Fitness' or 'Fit'

24 Hour Fitness

Alumni Gym Fitness Center

Anytime Fitness

Arena Fitness

Becker Gets Fit


Believe Fitness Studio

Bella Fitness

Black Diamond Enterprises Fitness Center

Blink Fitness

Body Space Fitness

Bolder Fitness

Bruin Fitness Center

Burn Fitness

Chic Physique Women's Fitness

Coast Fitness

Do it Now! Fitness Club

Evolve Fitness By Jen

Exotic Image Fitness Center

Fit Day Pass

Fit Sets

Fit. Fitter. Fittest

Fit Treat

Fitness & Beyond

Fitness 19

Fitness Cycles

Fitness M

Fitness Society

Free Spirit Boxing & Fitness

GardioBody Fitness

Gravity Fitness

G-Train Fitness Center

Hardcore Fitness

Harmony Fitness Center

Hotte Bodies Fitness

House of Fitness

HSC Fitness Center

InForm Fitness

Iron Fitness Gym

Jungle Jim's Fitness Center

Kick Start Fitness Club

Kinema Fitness

Lagree Fitness Studio

Lean Machines Fitness

Ludlow Fitness

Mansion Fitness

Matrix Fitness Club

Mats Gymnastics & Physical Fitness


Metro Fitness

Mind-Body Fitness Pilates Studio

Mindful Body Fitness

Mission Fitness Center

New Moon Fitness

Nimble Fitness

Oak Fitness Сlub

Oh Yes! Fitness!

Old Spartan Fitness

On the Dance Floor Fitness

Optimum Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness

Oval Fitness

Planet Fitness

Plush Fitness

Pro-Fitness Training

Pulse Fitness Studio

Punch Fitness

QT Fitness

Retro Fitness

Revolution Fitness

RunAway Fitness

Sanctuary Fitness

Sandbox Fitness

Seekingly Fit!

Squeezed 2 Fit

Shake it Off Fitness

Shape-Shifters Fitness

Simply Real Fitness

Sirens and Titans Fitness

Sitaras Fitness

Snap Fitness

Spin City Fitness

Stronger Fitness

Studio City Fitness

Swat Fitness

Synergy Fitness Club

Tennis Fitness

The Beat Fitness Studio

The Fitness Cell

The Pilates Fitness Center

Throwback Fitness

Total Eclipse Fitness

Trooper Fitness

True Warrior Fitness

Ultimate Fitness Queens

Ultra Body Fitness

Underground Fitness

USC Village Fitness Center

Valley Fitness Center

W Fitness Club

Wild Fitness

Women’s World Fitness Center

X 93 Fitness

Xpose Fitness Studio

2. Names that Include the Word 'Gym'

Actively Fit Gym

Body Builders Gym

Chalk Gyms

Coliseum Gym

Columbus Gym

David Barton Gym

Easton Gym Co

Elite Gym

Fortune Gym

Gauchos Gym

Globan Strongman Gym

Gotham Gym



Healthy Apples Gym

Hype Gym

Jodi’s Gym

Jungle Gym

Kingsway Gym

Life Gym

Lift Gym

Mind Gym

Misfit Gym

My Gym

Nerdstrong Gym

Powerhouse Gym

Pro Gym

Rush Gym

Strong Sports Gym

Terrain Gym

The Dream Gym

The Gym 105

The Little Gym

The Macho Man Gym

The Wat Gym

Total Woman Gym

Ultimate Gym

World Gym

3. Other Fitness Business Names

28 to Life

Absolution Crossfit

Adaptive Bodywork

Be Free

Beat the Heat

Beautiful Reflections

Become Healthy

Body Tuning

Born to be happy

Change and Evolve

Chisel Training

Colden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center

Complete Body & Spa

Crossfit Brawn

CrossFit High Five

Crossfit Njord

Crossfit Spot

Crossfit Sweetwater

Efficient Coaching

Equinox Sports Club



Exercise 24/7

Finding A Better You

Fullout CrossFit

Goes the Garden Snail

Golf Body Rx

Halevy Life

Have Body Wellness

Health Triad Personal Training

Hot Mix Yoga

Hustle Hut

Ikigai Lifestyle

Kinetic Studio

Life Time Athletic at Sky

Live Excellently

Live Healthy

Lyon Recreation Center

Manufacturing Muscle

Max Burn

Muscle Up

Muscular Mastiffs

Rebel Male

Ronin Athletics

S10 Training

Shape Up

Six Pack Abs Class Room

Sparta Academy



StrengthRx CrossFit

Swerve Studio

T1D Living

The Rec Center CrossFit

The Superhuman Project

The Wall

Thrive on the Basics

Tone House

Training Mate

Trojan Crossfit

True to our Makings

Unbloated Sausages

Uplift Studios

Urban Jungle

Vibrant You!

Vibrant-Healthy Living

Wildly Better

Wilfit Sports Club

Wilfit Sports Club