How to Name a Grocery Store?

If you are going to open a grocery store, you need a really catchy name for your shop. The examples of the existing brands and their classification may help you make a right choice with no efforts at all. In this article, you will find the careful description of the main strategies of naming and also numerous examples of names of already existing grocery shops and supermarkets. 

How to Name a Grocery Store?

The names of food stores are not easy to classify, mainly because unlike the other, highly specialized shops brands, they are very diverse, and the choice is limited only to the business owners’ imagination. However, there are certain groups of names and the relevant strategies of naming that are used most.

  1. Names to some extent related to food and eating. Such brands may be associated with healthy natural food due to the inclusion of the words ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘farm’, ‘fresh’, ‘health’, include the names of various groceries, for instance, lettuce, radish, tomato, button, meat, etc. They may also include any other words related to cooking, eating, kitchen, for example, ‘cook’, ‘gourmet’, ‘yummy’ and so forth. The main advantage of this category of names is that they are diverse and creative and at the same time thematic, so your potential customers will not confuse your grocery store with any other shop.
  2. Names associated with a particular national cuisine. The inclusion of foreign words or such words as ‘Italian’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Russian’, ‘Bangkok’, ‘Indian’, etc, in the brand allows causing direct associations with a particular national cuisine or making the name sound original. In other words, if you are opening a store with Indian groceries, New Foods of India will be a great, thematic brand. If you are going to sell Japanese groceries, Sakura will be a nice choice.
  3. Names that include the keyword ‘food’ or ‘deli’. Adding this keyword to the brand is the easiest way to make it thematic. You can combine it with any other words, for instance, the name of the owner, certain location, various adjectives, and nouns, creating simple short brands or even the phrases, for example, Food Basket, Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market, The Food Emporium, Friendly Food.
  4. Names that include the keyword ‘market’ or ‘mart’. This group differs from the previous one only in the keyword.
  5. Names that include the keyword ‘grocery’. This group is similar to two previous ones. Such brands are also thematic and can be creative due to the adding of the unrelated words and word combinations.
  6. Other original names. These names do not have to be thematic – they may be funny, catchy or creative, and that is their advantage. Rhymes, wordplays, geographic names – everything is allowed, so do not rein in your imagination.


1. Names To Some Extent Related To Food And Eating

A Matter of Health

As Nature Intended

City Discount Meat & Grocery


Each Peach Market

Evergreen Market

Farm Country

Farm Fresh to You

Fresh Market

Fresh Start Marketplace

Gourmet Garage

Harvest Hills Market

Harvest Urban Market

Healthy Choice

Lettuce Box

LifeThyme Natural Market

Lite Bite

Mom’s Organic Market


Nabila’s Natural

Natural Market


Odd Provisions

Planet Organic

Spicy America

Sprouts Farmers Market

The Nature Stop

The Mediterranean Way Gourmet Market

Union Kitchen Grocery

Urban Radish

Village Farm Grocery

Westerly Natural Market

You Say Tomato

2. Names Associated With A Particular National Cuisine

Albadani Grocery Sotre

Athenian Grocery

Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market

Bangkok Center Grocery

Bangkok Market




Casa Lebrato

Chinese & Spanish Grocery

Chinese Grocery Store



Dean & DeLuca

Di Palo’s Fine Foods

El Manantial Grocery Store

Elat Market

Falletti Foods

Felo’s Grocery Store

Fiesta Supermarket

First Korean Market

Formaggio Essex Market

Gino’s Grocery Co

Giovanni Italian Specialties

Greek Imports

Henriques Grocery Store

Katagiri Japanese Grocery

Kazanchis Carry Out & Grocery

Khartoum Halal Bakkal

La Bodega

La Fortuna

Lantigua Grocery Store

Le Beau

Lien Hing Supermarket

Little India

Lucca Delicatessen

Mi Tierra Market

Ming Lee Trading

Molinari Delicatessen

Morad Grocery Store

Moscow on the Hudson

New Athens Market

New Foods of India

New India Bazar


Rapidita Grocery Store



Sakura-Ya Japanese Mart

Salumeria 2703

Samber Market

Samiramis Imports

Sausalito Market

Selassie Ethiopian Market

Sun Vin Grocery Store


The Italian Store

The Mexican Culture Deli & Grocery Store

The Spanish Table

Todaro Brothers

Tokyo Mart

Toli Moli

Torino Grocery Market

Valencia Farmers Market

Vicente Foods

Wagshal’s Market

Yang Market




Zhou Hui Grocery Store

3. Names That Include The Keyword 'Food' Or 'Deli'

American Discount Foods

B & M Food Store

Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market

Buffalo Whole Food & Grain

Compare Foods Supermarket

Convenient Deli& Grocery

Deli Grocery Store

Divine Unity Food

Dollar Plus Food Store

Driver’s Market & Deli

Food 4 Less

Food Basket

Food Update Foundation



Foodtown of Williamsburg

Friendly Food Market

Giant Food

Global Food

Golden Natural Foods

Greatway Food Store

Gristedes Foods

Handy Deli

International Foods

Met Food

Michaelis Food Store

Nick’s Foods, Liquor & Groceries

Open Door Market

Rani’s World Foods

Real Food

Roxie Food Center

Sara’s Food Market

Seafood City

Seakor Polish Deli

Small Foods

Station Food Store

Super Food

The Food Emporium

Topimart International Foods

Whole Foods Market

WinCo Foods

4. Names That Include The Keyword 'Market' Or 'Mart'

1101 Convenience Mart

1500 Market

77 Market

99 Ranch Market

Amish Market

Angel’s Market

Ashbury Market

Avenue Market

Bi-Rite Market

Broad Branch Market

Bush Market

Canyon Market

Congress Market

Dupont Market

Erewhon Market

Fairway Market

Five Markets

Foragers Market

Foragers Market

Fourth Street Market

Fresco Community Market

Gelson’s Market

Glen’s Garden Market

Golden Veggie Market

Grace’s Marketplace

H Mart

Hana Market

Ideal Marketplace

Island Cove Market

Jackson Market

Jons Marketplace

Jubilee Market Place

Mani Market Place

Mayflower Market

Mini Mart

Mollie Stone’s Markets

Move & Groove Caribbean Market

New Life Supermarket

Palisade Market

Parkside Market

Pisco Sour Market

Reliance Market

Searchlight Market

Soapstone Market

St Marks Market

Suburban Market

Sunrise Mart

Super Market All in One

The Corner Market

Tip Top Grocery Market

Tone’s Country Market

Union Market

Urban Market

Westside Market

Windows Café & Market

Woori  Market

5. Names That Include The Keyword 'Grocery'

2326 Grocery Store

322 Dekalb Grocery Store

86 Grocery Store

A & S Grocery

ABC Grocery

Amy’s Grocery Store

Bel-Clift Grocery

Bryan’s Grocery

Clover Grocery

Daily Seven Grocery

District Grocery Store

Galco’s Old World Grocery

Jr Grocery Store

Jump Start Coffee and Grocery

Kearney’s Grocer

Krystal’s Grocery Store

Luna Grocery Store

Mc Baker Grocery & Liquor

Mission Grocery & Liquor

Monroe Grocery Store

N & V Grocery Store

New Generation Grocery Store

Price Grocery

S & S Grocery

Super Pharmacy & Grocery

T & G Grocery

Thomas & Sons Mini Grocery

Williams Grocery

6. Other Original Names

99 Cents Only Store

A. Litteri

Agata & Valentina

Argyle Convenience Store




Cheers On Demand

City Super

Double Rock

Dual Specialty

Eezy Freezy


Fine Fare


G & Z Lucky Store


Garden of Eden


Happy Balley

Harris Teeter


Hot Licks

Loma Produce


Luke’s Local

Morton Williams

New Loon Moon

Oliviers & Co

Patel Brothers


Piggly Wiggly

R Image








Smart & Final Extra!

Sunset Super

Super Mira

Super Save

Superette 128

Tesco Express


The Epicurean Trader

The Good Life

Trade Fair Store

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s