How to Name Dry Cleaning Business?

If you are starting your dry cleaning business but do not know what name to pick, this article will help you choose the best option. Below you can read about the main principles of naming and look through more than 200 names of the already existing dry cleaners in the USA.

How to Name Dry Cleaning Business?

The brands of such business are quite diverse. However, they can be divided into two main groups, the names that include two words and the names that include three and more words. Most often, the difference between them is in the keyword. In the first case, the business owners mostly use the keyword ‘cleaners’ or ‘Laundromat’, while in the second case the brands include the key phrases ‘dry cleaners’, ‘dry cleaners & laundry’ and similar ones. However, there are no rules without exceptions. So if you want to make up a perfect name for your business, you should carefully look through the examples presented in the groups of brands.

  1. Two-word names. These brands may include the name of the owner, location, thematic words, for example, ‘wash’ and ‘bubbles’, different adjectives, for instance, ‘payless’, ‘happy’, ‘majestic’, etc, and any nouns such as ‘sparkle’, ‘flamingo’, ‘dynasty’ and so forth.
  2. Names that include three and more words. Such brands may be similar to the previous ones (the only difference is in the key phrase), for example Anna’s Dry Cleaners, Royale Dry Cleaners, Grace Dry Cleaners, etc, or include the entire phrases instead of separate words, for instance, Good Morning Cleaners, Sterling Dollar Fifty Cleaners, Divine Touch Dry Cleaning.

Examples of Dry Cleaning Business Names

1. Two-Word Names

Acme Cleaners

Aliante Cleaners

America’s Cleaners

Andy’s Cleaners

Antonio’s Cleaners

Aphrodite Cleaners

Apthorp Cleaners

Archive Cleaners

Aura Cleaners

Best Cleaners

Bright Cleaners

Charleston Cleaners

Charming Cleaner

Cleanbay Cleaners


Comet Cleaners

Complete Cleaners

Crown Cleaners

David’s Cleaners

Digital Cleaners

Dryclean Express

Dynasty Cleaners

Eco Cleaners

Eldorado Cleaners

Elite Cleaners

Exchange Cleaners

Executive Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners

Fashion Cleaners

Flamingo Cleaners


Genesis Cleaners

Green Cleaners


Hallak Cleaners

Happy Cleaners

Hattan Cleaners

Heights Cleaners

Hill Cleaners

Huang’s Cleaners

Ivory Cleaners

J’s Cleaners

Joseph Cleaners

Julia’s Cleaners

Jya Cleaners

Lakes Cleaners

Landmark Cleaners

Laundromat Express

Lee Cleaners

Legend Cleaner

Liox Cleaners

Madame Paulette

Majestic Drycleaners

Marcel Cleaners

Master Cleaners

Mega Cleaners

Mercer Cleaners

Milton Cleaners

Mint Locker

Mono Cleaners

My Fresh Shirt

Natural Cleaners

Nice Cleaners

Nishi Cleaners

Nu-Glo Cleaners

Oasis Cleaners

Payless Cleaners

Polaris Cleaners

Polo Cleaners

Quality Cleaners

Sartorius Cleaners

Sheng Cleaners

Silverado Cleaners

Soo Cleaners

Sparkle Cleaners

Spincity Cleaners

Straus Cleaners

Sulivan Cleaners

Sunrise Cleaners

Super Cleaners

Swiss Cleaners

The Laundry Stork

Tiecrafters Inc

Tops Cleaners

Town Cleaners

Vip Cleaners

Waschen Guer

Wash N Fun

Won Cleaners

2. Names that Include Three and More Words

147 Amsterdam Cleaners

165 Young Cleaners

2 Brothers Cleaners

24 Hour Laundromat

24 Hour Laundromat Twain

32 Montclair Cleaners

A Plus Cleaners

Al Phillips The Cleaner

Alden Cleaners & Launderers

All Star Dry Cleaners

American Thread Dry Cleaners

Anna’s Dry Cleaners

Apex Linen Services

Atlantic Dry Cleaners

Atlas 21 Dry Cleaners

Baby Girl’s Bubbles & Cleaners

Belleclaire Dry Cleaners

Best One Cleaners

Biba French Cleaners

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors

Brother’s Dry Cleaners

C C Cleaners

Caress Dry Cleaners

Casa Organic Dry Cleaners

Celestial Dry Cleaners

Ching Cleaning & Laundry

Chris French Cleaners

Crown Cleaners & Alterations

Crystal Cleaners & Alteration Center

D J Cleaners

Deluxe Cleaners & Alterations

Divine Touch Dry Cleaning

Dr Clean Management

Dry Clean Super Center

Dutch Girl Cleaners

Early Bird Cleaners

Eddy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners

Elite Dry Cleaning

Everkleen Dryclean & Laundry

Fancy Dry Cleaners & Tailors

Fany’s Tailor Alteration Dry Cleaning

Feng Dry Cleaner

Fleur De Lis Dry Cleaning

French Style Dry Cleaners

Good Day Cleaners

Good Morning Cleaners

Grace Dry Cleaners

Grand View Dry Cleaner

Green & White Cleaners

Green Cleaner’s Alteration

Green World Cleaners

Happy Cleaners Shop

Helens Dry Cleaning

Hi Dry Cleaners

Jo Quality Dry Cleaner

Joy’s Dry Cleaners

K & M Lucky Dry Cleaners

Kent Dry Cleaners

La Mode First Cleaners

La Mode Organic Dry Cleaners

Legacy Dry Cleaners

Little J Cleaners

Lois Dry Cleaners

Lung’s Dry Cleaner

M & M Excellent Cleaners

Maritza Dry Cleaners

Mary Dry Cleaners

Metropolitan Dry Cleaners

Meurice Garment Care

Michelle Cleaners Inc

Ming Dry Cleaners & Laundry

Mom & Pop’s Cleaners

Mr. Cleaners Dry Cleaning Professionals

New Fresh Cleaners

New Shiny Dry Cleaners

OneClick Cleaners

Organic Dry Cleaners

Perfect Dry Cleaning

Personal Touch Dry Cleaner

Prestige Garment Care

Quality Plus Dry Cleaners

Rose’s Cleaners & Alterations

Royal Crest Cleaners

Royale Dry Cleaners

Same Day Cleaners

Sky Blue Dry Cleaning & Tailoring

Spick and Span Cleaners

Spring Fresh Cleaners

Star Bright Cleaners

Sterling Dollar Fifty Cleaners

Suits and Skirts Cleaners

Sun’s Dry Cleaners

Sunshine Pro Cleaners

Super Choi’s Cleaners

Super Cleaners III

Super Neat Laundry

Susanna’s Alterations & Cleaners

Symphony Cleaners

T & T Cleaners

Tailor Express Cleaners

The Eco Laundry Company

The Good Earth Cleaners

The Magic Thimble Alterations and Tailor

The Washtub Laundromat

Thrift DLux Cleaners

Thunder Suds Laundromat & Dry Cleaning

Thunderbird Cleaners

Tide Dry –°leaners

Tiffany Couture Cleaners

Times One Laundry & Dry

United Linen Service and Dry Cleaners

US Organic Dry Cleaners

Valet Fifty Two E Dry Cleaners

Van Gogh Cleaners & Tailors

Wendy’s Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Window Bright Cleaners

Wishy Washy Laundromat

Woody’s Laundry & Dry Cleaner

Ye Olde Dry Cleaners