How to Name a Dental Clinic?

If you are going to open your own dental clinic but do not know how to name it, you should definitely look through the list of already existing dental centers. Moreover, we divided them into the main groups and carefully described them to help you come up with your own unique and catchy name without much difficulty.

How to Name a Dental Clinic?

Most of the existing dental center names include the so-called key phrases, for instance, ‘dental group’, ‘dental clinic’, ‘dental center’, etc. They make the names thematic, i.e. your customers will definitely recognize your place and will not confuse it with laundry or grocery store. However, there are also some other ways of naming, and we carefully described them below.

  1. Names that include the word ‘smile’. The inclusion of this word in the name also makes it thematic. By adding the other words, you can get such interesting variants as Happy Smilora, Just Smile! Dental, Smily Bloom, Studio Smiles, Mr. Smile Dental Clinic, etc.
  2. Names that include the key phrase ‘dental care’. This key phrase may be combined with different nouns and adjectives. They may be the names of the places (streets, countries, and localities), the names of the owners, original nouns that can be unrelated to the business sphere (alpha, apple, zeta, etc) the words that emphasize the quality of service, for example, Morningside Dental care, Better Dental Care, Finest Dental Care, Xpert Dental Care, and so forth.
  3. Names that include the key phrase ‘dental clinic’. The principle that works for the previous group works with this category and two categories below as well. The key phrase is combined with other words, and that allows getting such names as Olive Dental Clinic, Golden Dental Clinic, Jamaica Hospital Dental Clinic, Welcome Dental Clinic, etc.
  4. Names that include the key phrase ‘dental center’. The catchiest names from this group are Yes Dental Center, Gentle Dental Center, and A-Dental Center.
  5. Names that include the key phrase ‘dental group’. The catchiest names from this group are Angel Dental Group, Little Tokyo Dental Group, and Whittier Dental Group.
  6. Other names. These names are very diverse; however, they have something similar. Most of them are related to the dental sphere. For instance, they may include the word ‘tooth’, or the word ‘dental’, for example, SeaCrest Dental, Dental Made Easy, Dental AdvantEdge, Happy Tooth, etc.

Dental Clinic Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Smile'

All American Smile Dental Studios

All Smiles Dental Clinic

Angeleno Smile

Beyond Smiles Dental Care

City Smiles Dental

Dazz Smile Dental

Elite Smile

Floss and Smile

Great Smiles

Happy Smile Pediatric Dentistry

Happy Smilora

Healthy Smiles Dental Office

InSmile Dental Sudio

iSmile Dental

Joyful Smiles

Just Smile! Dental

Kool Smiles

Mr. Smile Dental Clinic


Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Power Smile


Revitta Smile

Smile Brite Dental Hub

Smile Center

Smile Center Dental Care

Smile Craft

Smile Cure

Smile Design

Smile in the City

Smile Institute

Smile Line Dental Clinic

Smile Makers

Smile Matters

Smile Point

Smile Ready

Smile Spa

Smile Studio

Smile Up Teeth Solutions




Smily Bloom

Stay Smiled

Studio Smiles

Sure Smile


Urban Smiles

2. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Dental Care'

212 Dental Care

Advance Dental Care

Alfa Dental Care

Alpha Dental Care

Apple Dental Care

Aura Dental Care

Basics Dental Care

Best Dental Care

Beta Dental Care

Better Dental Care

Confident Dental Care

Delux Dental Care


Eastern Dental Care

Empire Dental Care

Everest Dental Care


Finest Dental Care

Fresh Dental Care

Friendly Dental Care

Indigo Dental Care

Little Pearl Dental Care

Magic Dental Care


Morningside Dental Care

Next Dental Care Center

Omega Dental Care Center

Perfect Dental Care

Preferred Dental Care

Prevacare Dental

Pro Dent Care

Pure Dental Care Center

Quality Dental Care

Real Dental Care

Roosevelt Detnal Care

Royal Dental Care

SoCal Dental Care

Sunrise Dental Care

Tooth Care Center

Total Care Dental and Orthodontics

Trinity Dental Care

True Dental Care

Urgent Care Dental

Westwood Dental Care

Wilshire Dental Care

Xpert Dental Care

Zeta Dental Care

3. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Dental Clinic'

Affine Dental Clinic

Aspen Dental Clinic

Atlantic Dental Clinic

China Town Dental Clinic

Choice Dental Clinic

Classic Dental Clinic

Complete Family Dental Clinic

Cypress Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic: Fernandez & Diaz

Elite Dental Clinic

Ez Dental Clinic

Galaxy Dental Clinic

Golden Dental Clinic

Good Day Clinic

Green Bay Dental Clinic

Guardian Dental Clinic

Guevara Dental Clinic

Jamaica Hospital Dental Clinic

Koa Dental Clinic

Liberty Dental Clinic

Metro Dental Clinic

Modern Dental Clinic

Normandie Dental Clinic

Olive Dental Clinic

Premier Dental Clinic Inc

Quality Dental Clinic

St George Dental Clinic

Straumann Surgical Dental Clinic

Superior Dental Clinic

Tip Top Dental Clinic

Union Dental Clinic

Unique Dental Clinic

Village Medical Dental Clinic

Welcome Dental Clinic

World Dental Clinic

Zeus Dental Clinic

4. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Dental Center'

A-Dental Center

Alegria Dental Center

Alliance Dental Center

Alvarado Family Dental Center

Central Avenue Dental

Corona Family Dental Center

Gentle Dental Center

Jacobi Dental Center

Serenity Dental Center

St. John’s Well Child Center

The Center For Special Dentistry

The Denture Center

Western Dental Center

Yes Dental Centers

5. Names that Include the Key Phrase 'Dental Group'

6th Street Family Dental Group

Angel Dental Group

California Dental Group

Century City Dental Group

Hamlin Dental Group

Inland Dental Group

Little Tokyo Dental Group

Madison Dental Group

Pico Dental Group

Sinai Dental Group

Venice Dental Group

Whittier Dental Group

Z Dental Group

6. Other Names


Affordable Dental

AHF Dental Office

American Dental

Apex Family Dental PC


Avenue Dental

Bella Dental

Bellabay Dental

Better white

Boss Dental

Bright Wright

Brighter Dental



Calm Dental

Canarsie Family Dentistry

Centro Dental

City Dental

Crystal Dental


Dental AdvantEdge

Dental Arts

Dental Avenue

Dental Elements

Dental House

Dental Love LLC

Dental Made Easy

Dental Oral Surgery

Dental Paradise

Dental Park

Dental Playground

Dental Plaza

Dental Pyramids P.C.

Dental Solutions





Dento Master

Dento priority







Denty Practices

Doctor Lee Dentistry

Downton Dental


Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetix Dental Spa


Evolva Dental

Exceptional Dentistry


Expressions Dental Treatment

Family Dentist

Fine Dental

First Dental

Five Roots

Flex & Fine

Four Roots

Glad Dental P.C.

Grand Dentistry

Happy Medic

Happy Tooth


Heavenly Kids Dental

Herbert Family Dentistry

Holistic Dentists


Innovative Dental Practice

Kawata Dental Inc

Kids Dental Place

Koppelman Dental

Lexington Dental Office

Libral Dental Solutions

Lincoln Family Dental

Lucky Tooth


Miracle Mile


My Dentist PC

My First Dentist

National Dental

Nature Root


Oasis Family Dental

One Dental Specialties

Oral Solutions





Pearl Dental

Platinum Dental

Positiva Dental





Royal Happy

SeaCrest Dental

Silverlake Dental

St George Dental & MedicalSt. Marks Painless Dental

Tee Tee


Teen Dental Place

Teeth 4 Life

Teeth Fairy

Teeth Solution

Teeth Zone


The Happy Mouth

The Tooth Place


Tooth World


True Shine Dental

Twinkle Dentist Pediatric

Ultra Dent

Universal Dental

Universal Dental Arts


Village Dental Medicine

Vision Dental

Welcome Dentistry


Wings Dental Hub

You Dental