How to Name a Coffee Shop?   

A catchy name is an important part of success in any business, so if you are going to open your own coffee shop, you need to consider all principles of naming to come up with your own attention-grabbing name. The numerous samples of the names and careful description of the main groups will help you complete this task without any difficulties.

How to name a coffee shop?   

The names of such business have their own specificities: they are very diverse and do not necessarily include the keywords (though most of them include the word ‘coffee’ or are associated with this beverage). However, they can still be divided into the main groups. This classification can help a business owner understand the main strategies of naming and create his or her own clever name that will attract the customers.

  1. Names that include the word ‘bean’. The inclusion of this word allows drawing direct parallels with coffee, i.e. the name becomes thematic. This keyword is usually combined with adjectives, for instance, Screamin’ Beans, Roasted Beans, or with nouns, for example, The Bean Palace, The Beans & Cream, etc.
  2. Names that include the word ‘espresso’. This category is similar to the previous group. The keyword ‘espresso’ is used to create such names as Espresso Café, Espresso Patronum (great pun for Harry Potter fans), Nespresso Boutique Bar, Everyman Espresso, and so forth.
  3. One-word coffee shop names. Though these names are usually not as creative as the complicated ones, they are simple and therefore catchy, for example, Elixir, Coffeeville, Baristas, Restore, The Elk, etc.
  4. Two-word coffee shop and café names. Most of these names that do not include any of the above-mentioned keywords but include the other ones: ‘coffee’, ‘cafe’, ‘coffeehouse’, and ‘coffee shop’. The most popular schemes are The Coffee + Noun, Noun + Coffee, Adjective + Coffee, Café + Noun, Café + Adjective, Coffee + Noun, and Coffee + Adjective. They can also include the articles and prepositions that usually turn them into a phrase with a certain meaning. The most interesting names in this category are The Coffee Ethic, Enigma Coffee, Insomnia Café, Nature’s Brew, Daily Dose, Coffee Republic, Café Latte, and Barista Parlor.
  5. Names that include three and more words. This category is the most diverse. Most of the names are somehow related for coffee (due to the inclusion of keywords and phrases or due to the drawing direct or indirect parallels with the sphere of business). The most catchy and attention-grabbing variants are Go Get Em Tiger, SteamPunk Coffeebar And Kitchen, Eternity Coffee Roasters, Hole in the Wall Coffee, Whole Latte Love, Alchemist Coffee Project, and so forth.

Coffee Shop and Café Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Bean'

Bean & Gone

Bean There, Drank That

Beans & Cream

Beans from Brazil

Beans 'n Cream Cafe

Beany Business


Dream Bean Cafe

Dream Bean Coffee Shop

Has Beans

Jumpin' Beans Cafe

Roasted Beans

Screamin' Beans

Steam Beans Cafe

Steamy Beans Coffee

The Bean

The Bean Palace

The Busy Bean

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Family Bean

The Friendly Bean

The Roasted Bean

The Split Bean

2. Names that Include the Word 'Espresso'

Cakes and Espresso

Culture Espresso

Cups: An Espresso Cafe

Donkey Coffee & Espresso

Espresso Cafe

Espresso Cielo

Espresso Express

Espresso Joe's

Espresso Patronum

Espresso Profeta

Espresso Yourself

Everyman Espresso

Expressive Espresso

Illy Coffee House

Impresso Espresso

Macchiato Espresso Bar

Nespresso Boutique Bar

Ninth Street Espresso

Peregrine Espresso

Red Raven Espresso Parlor

Two Guns Espresso

3. One-Word Coffee Shop Names

















The Elk

The Mill

4. Two-Word Coffee Shop and Cafe Names

95 Degrees

Andante Coffee

Antigua Bread

Aroma Coffee

Aroma Mocha

Aromatic Drinks

Awesome Coffee

Barista Parlor

Barista Society

Beverage Klub

Birch Coffee

Boston Barista

Bourgeois Pig

Brew HaHa!

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Mochas

Bru Coffeebar

Bulletproof Coffee

Cafe Arabica

Café Crumpy

Café De Leche

Cafe Du Monde

Café Dulce

Cafe Grumpy

Café Intergal

Cafe Latte

Café Loft

Cafecito Organico

Caffe D’Bolla

Caffe KiLim

Caffe Latte

Caffe Luxxe

Capital Coffee

Civil Coffee

Club Coffee

Cocoa Coffee

Coffea Roasterie

Coffee & Cake

Coffee 101

Coffee and Milk

Coffee by Kofi

Coffee Central

Coffee Commissary

Coffee Connection

Coffee Crew

Coffee Drips

Coffee Express

Coffee For Sasquatch

Coffee Grinder

Coffee House

Coffee Hut

Coffee Lab

Coffee Nature

Coffee Project

Coffee Republic

Coffee Shot

Coffee Time

Coffee Tomo

Commonwealth Cafe

Compass Coffee

Cosy Coffee

Curiocity Coffee

Cute Cups

Cuties Coffee

Daily Dose

Daily Grind

Deja Brew

Dinosaur Coffee

Drip Coffee

Elemental Coffee

Enigma Coffee

Essence Cafe

Express-O Coffee

Fleetwood Macchiato

Found Coffee

Fresh Creams

Gimme Coffee

Gregorys Coffee

Ground Central

Habitat Coffee

Honest Coffeehouse

Hugs with Mugs

Insomnia Café

Interact Coffeehouse

Joe Coffee

Kaffe 1668

Kaffeinated Mugs

Kreative Kuppa

La Terraza Café

Lady Chocolatt

Le Café Coffee

Literati Café

Maru Coffee

Max Caffe

Milky Pastries

Mocha Joe’s

Mornings in Paris

Mugs Coffee

Nature’s Brew

Nice Coffee

O Café

O2 Café

Octane Coffee

Olympic Café

Open Space

Peet’s Coffee

Perk Kafe

Philz Coffee

Prism Coffee

Pushcart Coffee

Rise N Grind

Robusta Cafe

Rojo’s Roastery

Royal Coffee

Runcible Spoon

Sacred Grounds

Sightglass Coffee

Special Mocha

Spiced Doze

Sport Coffee

Spring for Coffee

Star Lounge

Steam Dot

Steaming Hotties

Steaming Mugs

Stella’s Coffeehaus

Stylish Kafe

Supa Coffee

Swork Coffee

Tea’se Me

Thanks a Latte

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Ethic

The Coffee Grinder

The Coffee Lounge

The Guest House

The Java Break

The Pie Hole

Think Coffee

Think Local

Thinking Cup

Toasted And Roasted

Topped Off

Undergrind Café

Wake & Bake

5. Names that Include Three and More Words

10 Speed Coffee

101 Coffee Shop

Alchemist Coffee Project

Art’s Coffee Shop

B Cup Café

Bauhaus Coffee & Books

Beach Bum Cafe

Black Dog Coffee

Black Fox Coffee

Blu Elefant Café

Blue Bottle Coffee

Box Kite Coffee

Caffè Crema House

Chimney Coffee House

City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Classic Coffee Shop

Coffee Break Cafe

Coffee under the table

Coffee with Cartoons

Coffee with Peanuts

Cold Choco Café

Coral Tree Café

Document Coffee Bar

Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee

DRNK Coffee + Tea

Edibles Coffee Shop

Elevated Grounds Coffeehouse

Eternity Coffee Roasters

ExpressoFresh Coffee Stop

Firestorm Cafe & Books

For Five Coffee Shop

G & B Coffee

Go Get Em Tiger

Groundwork Coffee Co.

Heart’s Coffee Shop

Hole in the Wall Coffee

Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea

Hot Coffee Day

Hub Coffee Roasters

HuggaMug Cafe

Intelligentsia Coffee Bar

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Jacked Up Coffee

Java Joes Coffeehouse

Java on Sherman

Javista Organic Coffee Bar

Jumpstart Coffee Shop

Kafe Koffee Meals

Kindness & Mischief Coffee

La Farfala Coffee Shop & Deli

Lamill Coffee Boutique

Land of a Thousand Hills

Laughing Man Coffee

Little Ripper Coffee

M Street Coffee

Marie’s Coffee Deli

Menotti’s Coffee Shop

Milk'n Silk Candies

Moby’s Coffee Shop

Molten Cream Jars

My Own Brew

Nick’s Coffee Shop & Deli

Nicoles Coffee Shop

No Doze Cafe

No Ghost Bears

Oxnard Coffee Shop

Paper or Plastik Café

Paradocs Coffee & Tea

Pat & Lorraines Coffee Shop

R Coffee House

RJ Cafe & Bistro

Seree’s Coffee Shop

Southern Cross Coffee

St Kilda Coffee

Star Cafe and Coffee

SteamPunk Coffeebar And Kitchen

Steeple House Coffee

Stir Crazy Coffee Shop

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Sunset Junction Coffee Shop

Taistee Coffee Shop

Tak’s Cofee Shop

Think Coffee Flariton

Third Rail Coffee

Tiago Coffee Bar

Tierra Mia Coffee

Toby’s Estate Coffee

Town & Country Coffee

UnUrban Coffee House

Verve Coffee Roasters

Watts Coffee House

Weird Wave Coffee Brewers

Whole Latte Love

Woodcat Coffee Bar

Yo Yo Coffee

Yummies Coffee Shop