How to Name a Café?

Finding a great catchy name for a café may be a complicated task, mostly because that it seems that all possible brands were already used. However, the careful analysis of the existing names shows that they can be divided into the separate groups and that there are certain principles of naming. This classification will make a choice a lot easier for new business owners as well as for experienced businessmen.

How to Name a Café?

All café names can be virtually divided into 4 main groups: names associated with coffee, brands associated with food (meals, spice, fruits, vegetables, etc), foreign names, and other original brands. Each of them has its own features and advantages that are carefully described below.

  1. Names associated with coffee. This group is quite diverse, because to create such brands, one can combine different words, from the most widespread keyword ‘coffee’ to coffee varieties. These names can include such words as ‘bean’, ‘espresso’, ‘mocha’, ‘Arabica’, etc.  You can make any combinations, puns, and phrases and your name will still be thematic.
  2. Brands associated with food. Names of vegetables, fruits, meals berries, spice, and words related to cooking can be used in naming as well. They can be combined with the ‘classic’ keywords, for example ‘cafe’ or ‘eatery’ or with any other words. Such brands are quite catchy, for instance, Champignon Café, Blue Jam Café, Sweet Treats, and so forth.
  3. Foreign names. The business owners can also use foreign words and phrases, especially if in you “specialize” in the cooking of dishes of the particular national cuisine. There is an infinite number of variants, from simple brands, such as Café Bellissimo to the complicated ones, for example, Eduscho Mit Einem Twist.
  4. Other original brands. This is the most diverse group of brands. Some of them include the keyword ‘cafe’, some do not, however, all of them are quite creative. They may be associated with certain locations, countries, people, moods, historical figures, and even materials. Most of them consist of two words, but there are shorter and longer variants as well.


1. Names associated with coffee

101 Coffee Shop

95 Degrees

Aroma Coffee

Aroma Mocha

Aromatic Drinks


Bean & Gone

Beans & Cream

Beans from Brazil

Beans 'n Cream Cafe

Beany Business

Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee

Black Fox Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

Boston Barista

Box Kite Coffee

Brewed Mochas

Cafe Arabica

Cafe Latte

Caffè crema House

Caffee Latte

Cakes and Espresso

Capital Coffee

Club Coffee

Cocoa Coffee


Coffee & Cake

Coffee 101

Coffee Break Cafe

Coffee Central

Coffee Crew

Coffee Drips

Coffee Express

Coffee House

Coffee Hut

Coffee Lab

Coffee Nature

Coffee Project

Coffee Republic

Coffee Shot

Coffee Time


Cold Choco Café

Compass Coffee

Cosy Coffee

Culture Espresso

Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee

Dream Bean Cafe

Dream Bean Coffee Shop

Eightfold Coffee

Espresso Cafe

Espresso Express

Espresso Joe's

Essence Cafe


Express-O Coffee

Fresh Coffee Stop

Fresh Creams

G & B Coffee

Gimme! Coffee

Gregorys Coffe

Honest Coffeehouse

Hot Coffee Day

HuggaMug Cafe


Illy Coffee House

Impresso Espresso

Interact Coffeehouse

Jacked Up Coffee

Joe Coffee

Jumpin' Beans Cafe

Jumpstart Coffee Shop

Laughing Man Coffee

Le Café Coffee

Macchiato Espresso Bar

Maru Coffee

Max Caffe

Milk & Cookies, anyone?

Milky Pastries

Mugs Coffee

My Own Brew

Ninth Street Espresso

No Doze Cafe

Peet’s Coffee

Pushcart Coffee

Roasted Beans

Royal Coffee

Screamin' Beans

Southern Cross Coffee

Special Mocha

St Kilda Coffee

Star Cafe and Coffee

Steam Beans Cafe

Steaming Mugs

Robusta Cafe

Steamy Beans Coffee


Swork Coffee

The Busy Bean

The Coffee Club

The Coffee Grinder

The Coffee Lounge

The Family Bean

The Friendly Bean

The Roasted Bean

The Split Bean

Think Coffee

Third Rail Coffee

Tierra Mia Coffee

Toby’s Estate Coffee

Town & Country Coffee

Verve Coffee Roasters

Yo Yo Coffee

Yummies Coffee Shop

2. Brands Associated with Food

Bits and Bites

Cinammon Café

Sugar Cube Cafe

Sweet Treats

The Jam Jar

Waffle On


85 ° C Bakery Cafe

Blue Jam Cafe

Marmalade Cafe

Macaron Cafe


The Bread Factory

Cranberry Cafe

Champignon Cafe

Sugar Hill Cafe

Frame Gourmet Eatery

Bloom’s Deli

A Little Taste Cafe

3. Foreign Names


Antonucci Cafe

Boissons Chaudes

Bouchon Bakery & Cafe

Café Aromatic

Cafe Bellissimo

Café Bonjour

Café Boulud

Café Con Crema

Café D’Alsace

Café Dupont

Café Fiorello

Café Gitane

Cafe Pronto

Café, N'Importe Qui?

Caffè Con Susan

Caffè e Pizze

Caffè Nella Pioggia

Délicieux Gateaux

Eduscho Mit Einem Twist

El Espresso Salvaje

El Parador Cafe


Esquina Capuchino


Jivamuktea Cafe



L' Espresso Géant

Le Bon Cafe

Le Grainne Cafe


Meow Parlour

Milchige Getränke

Mille-feuille Bakery Cafe

Mmm ... Café au lait

New Tong Shing

Pasticcini Caldi

Reiz Conversations

Viztango Cafe

Warme Getränke

4. Other original names

7 Monks Cafe

Anyway Cafe

Arte Cafe

B Cup Cafe

Banc Cafe

Basin Cafe

Basket & Green

Beach Cafe

Bennie Thai Cafe


Big Bear Cafe

Blue Dog Cafe

Blue Hill

Blustone Lane

Broadway Deli

Brother’s Bakery Cafe

C&M Cafe

Cafe 2.0

Café 28

Café 50’s

Café Amrita

Café Angelique

Café Carlyle

Café Centro

Café China

Café Clover

Cafe Continental

Cafe Culture

Café Duke

Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude Venice

Café Grumpy

Café Habana

Café Integral

Cafe Italia

Cafe Java

Café Kabila

Café Lafayette

Café Lalo

Café Luxembourg

Café Metro

Cafe Mode

Café Olympia

Cafe Plus

Café R

Café Select

Café Standard

Cafe Thirteen

Café Verona

Café Wha?

Café Zaiya

Caffe Regio

Candle Cafe

Candle Café West

Carrera Cafe

Cascade Cafe

cinBrekky Cafe

City Cafe

Colburn Cafe


Coral Tree Café

Corner Café and Bakery

Cornerstone Cafe

Country Lane Cafe


Cup o' Joe

Cupping Room Cafe


Dean & DeLuca

Dirty South Deli Cafe

Dunhill Cafe

Eastside Cafe

Edgar’s Cafe

Edge Cafe

Eight Acres Cafe

Epic Cafe

Europa Cafe

European Cafe

Fairway Cafe

Fiat Cafe

Five Stuy Cafe


Flip Cafe

Fluffy’s Cafe




Genes Cafe


Great Jones

Grind House

Grinders Cafe

Ground Support Cafe

Ground Up Cafe

Happy Bones

Hector’s Café & Diner

Hidden City Cafe


Homegirl Cafe

Hype Cafe

Inside Cafe

Isadora’s Cafe

Jerusalem Cafe

Juan Valdz

King's Cafe

Kings Road Cafe


La Rose

Lacma Cafe

Lava Java

Le Cafe

Le Moulin a Cafe

Literati Cafe

Little Collins

Lucid Cafe

M Cafe

Mae Mae Cafe

Mamajuana Cafe

Martinique Cafe

Mezzanine Cafe

Midori Matcha Cafe



Nectar Cafe

New Dynasty

New Leaf

New Word Cafe

Nick’s Cafe


Ol' Cafe

Paper or Plastic Cafe

Paradigm Cafe

Parisian Cafe

Park Cafe

Peacock Cafe

Petrossian Boutique & Cafe

Piccolo Cafe

Pomme Palais

Pot Luck

Providence Cafe

Riverside Cafe

Round K

Russ & Daughters Cafe



Spectrum Cafe

Spiced Chai Cafe

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

Spoonful Cafe

Springtime Cafe

Stillwater Cafe

Streets Cafe

Studio Cafe

Sunrise Cafe

Sweet Home Cafe

Tatiana's Cafe

Telegraph cAfe


The Antique

The Atrium

The Barracks

The Bluebell Cafe

The Boardwalk

The Brim

The Corner Cafe

The Cube

The Daily Grind

The Elk

The Griddle Café

The Grind

The Guest House

The Hideout

The Highland Cafe

The Lab

The Little Cafe

The Mansion

The Modern

The Paris Cafe

The Red Flame

The Riggsby

The River Cafe

The Smile

The Steam Room

The Uncommons

The View

The Village Cafe

Topped Off

Trump Cafe

Tulip's Cafe

Two Hands

Uncle Joe's

Uncle Vanya Cafe


Vees Café

Viand Cafe

Victor’s Cafe

Wake Up Cafe


West Blank Cafe

Wide Awake Cafe

With Love Market & Cafe

Zone Café