How to Name a Beauty Salon?

Every business needs a great name to attract the clients, and a beauty salon is not an exception. However, a lot of entrepreneurs experience difficulties in naming mostly because it often seems that all interesting ideas are already used. To make this task easier, we made the list of the catchiest names of beauty salons and divided them into two main categories. We hope that his analysis will help you come up with a great attraction-grabbing name for your business.

How to Name a Beauty Salon?

In this case, the biggest challenge is that these names don’t have to be directly related to the sphere of business. They are very diverse and include different keywords and key phrases. Some entrepreneurs place emphasis on hairstyle by adding the keyword ‘hair’ to the name, some use the standard key phrase ‘beauty salon’, while some try to make the name as catchy and short as possible, choosing the one word that is not necessarily associated with beauty, body, relaxation and other things people imagine when they think of such places. However, there are the certain widespread schemes the business owners use most frequently, and we tried to describe them carefully.

  1. Simple one-word and two-word beauty salon names. Most often, the business owners combine the nouns and adjectives with the keyword ‘salon’ or ‘beauty’, for instance, Eastern Beauty, Essential Beauty, Salon Icon, Salon Pure, Lotus Salon, etc. These examples show that an entrepreneur can use literally any words to get a nice, short, and catchy name. The one-word names are even simpler, for instance, Crown, Goddess Shampoo, Parlor, and so forth. Their shortness guarantees that your clients will remember your name easily.
  2. Names that consist of three and more words. Most of these names are longer because the business owners use the key phrases instead of the keywords. The most popular of them are ‘beauty salon’, ‘body & beauty’, ‘barber & beauty’, and ‘nail & beauty’. The scheme itself does not change: various words (mostly nouns and adjectives) are combined with the above-mentioned phrases, for instance, Union Beauty Salon, Fashion Nail & Beauty, El Dorado Beauty Salon, Divine Health & Beauty, Quality Nails & Beauty, and so forth.

Beauty Salon Name Ideas

1. Simple One-Word and Two-Word Beauty Salon Names

2 Angels

Absolute Beauty

All That


Awesome Hair

Beauty Access

Beauty Attractions

Beauty Benefits

Beauty Box


Blush Salon

Charismatic Beauty

Concept Salon


Dejavous Salon

Eastern Beauty

Essential Beauty

Etude Lounge

Evolve Salon


Flawless Beauty

Glow Beauty


Hairroin Salon

Heretic Salon

Honey Salon

Imagen Salon

Knox Salon

Liberated Salon

Lifestyle Salon

Lotus Salon

Love Beauty

Loveday Spa

Medusa Salon

Mint Salon

Mirror Image

Mon Petit

Muse Salon

New Beginnings

Ofelia Salon


Planet Salon

Prive Salon

Room Salon

Salon Dio’ne

Salon Eleven

Salon Icon

Salon Pure

Salon Three


Slate Salon

Space Salon

Stardust Salon

The Drawing Room

The Fig Salon

The Hive

Three Brothers

Ultra Beauty

Whistle Salon

2. Names that Consist of Three and More Words

A A Hair Beauty Salon

A Scent of Beauty

A Style of Your Own

A Team Beauty Salon

Accent on Faces

Action Beauty Salon

Adore Hair & Beauty

All Covered Beauty

Angelic Touch Body & Beauty

Artiste Beauty Studio

B’s Beauty Salon

Back To Beauty

Bare Beauty Salon

Belle Hair Beauty Salon

Bleu Chic Salon

Blondi’s Beauty Salon

Bloom Beauty Lounge

Bloom Beauty Salon

Blow Me Away

Bon-Bon Salon

Broome and Beauty

Butterfly Studio Salon

Casanovas Beauty Salon

Cherry Blossom Beauty Salon

Cinderella Beauty Salon

City Nails & Beauty Salon

Conditional Beauty Salon

Confidence Beauty SPA

Cosmos Beauty Salon & Supply

D’Colores Beauty Salon

D’Luxe Beauty Bar

Diva Latina Beauty Salon

Divine Health & Beauty

Dreams Beauty Salon

Ebony Styles Beauty Salon

El Dorado Beauty Salon

Elegance Beauty Salon

Elegant Beauty Salon

Escape Skin Care Salon & Day

Essence of Beauty

Face It Massage It Nail It

Fantasy Beauty Salon

Fashion Nail & Beauty

Forever Beautiful Salon

Friends Beauty Salon

Glamorous Nails & Beauty

Great Shape Threading Salon

Hair Max Beauty Salon

Hair Rules Salon

Hairline Beauty Salon

Hello Beautiful Salon

His and Her’s Beauty Bar

Hope Beauty Center

Hot Nails & Beauty Salon

Illusions Beauty Salon

Infinity Beauty Salon

International Beauty Salon

Irresistible Nails and Beauty

K Beauty Salon

Kidz N Adultz Beauty Palace

Kings & Queens Barber & Beauty

Let’s Make Up

Looks Threading Beauty Salon

Lovemore & Do Salon

Luxe Den Salon & Spa

Magnifique Beauty Salon

Melody Beauty Salon

Mess Look Hair & Spa

Millenium Barbershop & Beauty Salon

Mon Beauty Salon

Monaco Beauty Salon

Mr & Ms Beauty Supply & Hair Studios

My Family Beauty Salon

My Nu Beauty Shop

My Perfect Lady

Neighborhood Salon

Nine Zero One

Nuevo Look Salon

Oasis Hair Salon

Permacut Beauty Salon

Pink Comb Hair Salon

Prestige Beauty Salon

Pretty Lady Beauty Salon

Professional Beauty Salon

Quality Nails & Beauty Salon

Rock Paper Salon

Rogue House Salon

Salon Bohemia

Salon On Main

Sexyflow Hair Salon

Si Beaux Salon

Sinamex Beauty Salon

Sisters Beauty Salon

Soleil Beauty Salon

Ten Ten Aveda Salon + Spa

The Owl & The Pussycat Salon

The Powder Room East

Top Secret Salon

TwoDo Salon

Union Beauty Salon

Unique Beauty Salon

V One Beauty Salon

Western Beauty Salon

Wonderland Beauty Parlor

Xcellent Beauty Salon

Xox Beauty Salon