How to Name a Barbershop?

Clever and attention-grabbing is one of the main competitive advantages. Consequently, if you are going to open your own barbershop, you should consider this issue seriously. If you have no idea where to begin, look through the list of 200+ barbershop names and carefully read the descriptions of their main groups presented in this article. We hope that these samples and classification will inspire the entrepreneurs, and they will come up with the best name easily.

How to Name a Barbershop?

A barbershop is positioned as a man cave, and this specificity is often reflected in names of such businesses. However, they are often associated not only with something manly but also with the great look, style, and haircuts. Some of the names, in turn, have no relation to the cuts or the sphere of business and attract the customers due to their shortness and uniqueness. We divided all the names into four main groups each of which has its own features and advantages in order for you to consider them, choose the best option, maybe change it a little, and get your own creative barbershop name.

  1. Names that include the word ‘cut’. If you want to draw parallels with the sphere of business, the inclusion of this word will be the simplest option. It is often combined with the other keyword, mostly the word ‘barbershop’. By using this simple method, you can get such original and catchy names as Muscle Cuts Barber Shop, Cut’ N’ Shave Barber, Buzz Cuts Barber, Beyond the Cut Barbershop, and so forth.
  2. Names that include the word ‘man’ or ‘gentleman’. As we have already mentioned, barbershop are the places for men only, and it is often reflected in the name, for instance, Gents Barbershop, Like a Gentleman, The Man Cave Barbershop N Spa, The Mustached Man, etc.
  3. Other two-word names. The absolute majority of these names consist of two elements: the keyword ‘barbershop’ or ‘barber’ and an adjective, noun, or a name of an owner, for instance, Birds Barbershop, Blind Barber, Original Barbershop, Palace Barbershop, Prestige Barbershop, etc. However, some of them do not include the keywords or key phrases but still are very catchy and creative, for example, Hairrari Barber, The Shave Place, Fade Inn, etc.
  4. Names that include three and more words. This category is the most diverse. Such names consist of many words and are often the phrases themselves. Just like the names from the previous group, they include the above-mentioned keywords, for example, Life Style Barbershop, Manly and Sons Barber Shop, Barber of Hell’s Bottom, Wise Owl Club, House of Clippers Barbershop, and so forth.

Barbershop Name Ideas

1. Names that Include the Word 'Cut'

Beyond The Cut Barbershop

Brand New Cuts Barber Shop

Buzz Cuts Barber

Caesar Cuts

Clarity & Cut Barbershop

Classic Cuts

Clippers Haircuts for Men

Crew Cuts

Cut Above the Rest

Cut N Edge Barber Shop

Cut 'N' Shave Barber

Famous Cuts Barber Shop

Fresh Cuts Barber Shop

Golden Touch Haircuts

Grand Cutter Barber Shop

Halftime Haircuts for Men

In the Cut Barbershop            

Incredible Cuts Barbershop

Muscle Cuts Barber Shop

Popular Cuts

Razor Cuts for Men



Unique Cuts

World Class Cuts

2. Names that Include the Word 'Man' or 'Gentleman'

Burgundy's Men's Fine Grooming

Clippers and Scissors Men's Salon

Gentlemen's Barber Shop

Gents Barbershop

Like a Gentleman

Made Man Barber Shop

Noah Allen Gentlemen's Salon

Tapered Men's Salon

The Art of Men's Grooming

The Gentlemen’s Quarters

The Jazz Man Barber

The Man Cave Barber

The Man Cave Barbershop N Spa

The Men’s Corner Barbershop

The Men’s Room Barber Shop

The Men's Mane

The Men's Room

The Mustached Man

3. Other Two-Word Names

153 Barbershop

Ace of Fades

American Barbershop

Arcade Barbershop

Atwater Barbershop

Avila Prodigy

Azteca Barbershop

Barbarossa Barbershop

Barber Bart

Barber Blues

Barber’s Blueprint

Barbershop Deluxe

Bendicion Barbershop

Best Barbershop

Birds Barbershop

Blind Barber

Blue’s Barbershop

Bob The Barber

Bolt Barbers

Bonefade Barbers

Boutique Barbershop

Brotherhood Barbershop

Central Barbershop

Cheko Barbershop

City Barbers

Classic Barbershop

Columbia Barbershop

Continental Barbershop

Corner Barber

Craftsman Barbershop

Danny’s Barbershop

Eagle Barbershop

Epic Barbershop

Esquire Barbershop

Etiquette Barbers

Euro Barbershop

Evolution Barbershop

Expert Barbershop

Expo Barbershop

Eye Barbershop

Fade Inn

Fellow Barber

Figaro Barbers

Figs Barbershop

Freestyle Barbershop

Freeway Barbershop

Good Barbers

Gramercy Barbershop

Grooming Lounge

Hair Architects

Haircrafters Barbershop

HairFreek Barbers

Hairrari Barber

Headline Barbershop

Headmaster Barbershop

Hector the Barber

HIS Grooming

Imperial Barbershop

Jag’s Barbershop

Jake’s Barbershop

John Boys Barbershop

Johnny Barbershop

Juanito Barbershop

Keystone Barbershop

Legacy Barbershop

Levels Barbershop

Liberty Barbershop

Luxe Barbershop

M Barbering

Master Barbers

Millennium Barbershop

Mirror Barbershop

Native Barbers

Neighborhood Barbers

No Grease

Original Barbershop

Palace Barbershop

Porch Barbershop

Prestige Barbers

Prime Barbershop

Professional Barbershop

Quality Barbershop

Raceway Barber

Renegade Barbershop

Rios Barbershop

Rudy’s Barbershop

Russo's Barbershop

Shorty’s Barbershop

Sideburns Barber

Signature Barbershop

Skillman Barbershop

Slauson Barbershop

Spotts Barbershop

Standard Barbershop

Star Barbershop

Straight Razors

Stubble Barbers


Telegraph Barber

Tempo Barbershop

The Barber Chop

The Barbershop Club

The Blade Barbershop

The Comb Over

The Fade Shop

The Grooming Lounge

The Humble Barber

The Mug & Brush

The Parlor Room

The Pristine Barber

The Proper Barbershop

The Renaissance Barbershop

The Shave Place

The Stepping Razor Barbershop

Tomcats Barbershop

Touchdown Barber

Village Barbershop

Vinny’s Barbershop

Xplicit Barbershop

Xpress Barbershop

4. Names that Include Three and More Words

215 Exclusive Salon

3 Aces Barbershop

A Sharper Image Barbershop

Angelo’s Barbershop #7

Astor Place Hairstylists

Barber of Hell’s Bottom

Barber Shop Friend’s

Barbering by Marcus

Barbers on Broadway

Barbers R Us

Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

Big Russ Barber Shop

Blades of Gold Barber Shop

BLOG Barber Lounge

Brass In Pocket Barbershop & Salon

Changing Faces Barbershop & Salon

Chop City Barber Shop

Classic Shave Barber Shop

DGM Barbershop

District One Barbers West

Eagle Rock Barber shop

El Arte Barber Shop

El Diamante Barber Shop

El Rancho Barbershop

Elegant G Barber Shop

Fade O'Clock Barber

Fade Zone Barber Shop

Fading Away Barber Shop

Filthy Rich Barber Shop

Finesse Buts Barbershop

First Class Barber Shop

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Fresh & Flow Barbershop

Game Day Barber Shop

Get Buzzed Barber

Getting’ Faded Barber Shop

Gold Medal Barber

Good Fred’s Barber Shop

Good Look Barber Shop

Gotham City Barber Shop

Hair Zone Barber Shop

Hall of Fadez

Handsome Devil’s Barber Shop

Hot Rod Barber Shop

House of Clippers Barbershop

Incognito Barber Shop & Salon

Inner Circle Barbershop

J & J Barber Shop

L. Alexander Barbers & Shoppe

La Raza Barber Shop

Legends The Barber Shop

Level Two Barber Shop

Life Style Barbershop

Like That Barber Shop

Lookin' Sharp Barber

Low Key Barbershop

Luxury Mobile Barber Shop

Madison St. Barber Shop

Main Street Barber

Manly and Sons Barber Co.

Mr. Coney’s Barber Shop

Mr. Scissors Barbershop

N Spot Barber & Beauty Shop

New Era Barber Shop

Next Level Barber Shop

Ninth Chapter Barbershop

No Filter Barbershop

No More Kinks

Off the Top Barber Shop

Old Glory Barbershop

Old Town Barbershop

Olde Tyme Barbers

On the Mark Barber Shop

One Stop Barber

Ordinary People Barbershop

Pancholin Barber Shop

Perfection Barbershop

Persons of Interest Barbershop

Razed Right Hometown Barber

Razor King Barber Shop

Royal Class Barbershop

Salvatore Barber Salon

Shave & Co Barbershop

Showcase Barber Salon

Solomon’s Classic Barber Shop

Sorry We’re Open

State Street Barbers

Svelte Barbershop + Essentials

Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop

The Cream Shop Barber Shop

The Funhouse Barber Shop

The Hideout Barber Shop

The Pit Stop Barber Shop

The World Famous Venice Barber Shop

Top Line Barber Shop

Trendsetters Barbershop

Twin Scissors Barber

Twisted Scissors Barber Shop

Universal Hair Salon

V Barber Shop

Well Connected Barbershop

Wicked Ways Barbershop

Wise Owl Club