How to Name an Auto Parts Store?

If you want to open your own auto parts store but do not know how to name it, please read the below information carefully. The principles of creating the memorable names for auto supplies shops as well as the numerous examples of already existing brands of such businesses listed in this article will help you create your own original name with no efforts. 

How to Name an Auto Parts Store?

Businessmen always remember that a good brand is an important part of success in business.  Auto body shops have their own specificities that are reflected in the names as well. There are several ways to create an appropriate name for such businesses, and each of them is described in more details below.

  1. Names that include the word ‘parts’ in different combinations. This word makes the brand thematic; it signals the drivers that in this store they can buy necessary goods. This category of brands is quite broad and diverse, because such words can be changed and combined with any other words. It should also be mentioned that this category can be also divided into the following subcategories: 1) ‘parts’ combined with the owner’s name or initials, for example, Ted’s Auto Parts; 2) brands that include the names of certain locations, regions, cities, for instance, London Parts; 3) names associated with races and speed, for example, Need4SpeedAutoParts&Services; 4) original names, for instance, Freedom Parts.
  2. Names that include the phrase ‘auto body shop’ or ‘auto body supplies’. In general, these brands have the same function as the previous ones. They are directly associated with the sphere of activity as well. The way of their formation is also similar: the key phrase ‘auto body shop’ is combined with different words, starting from the names of owners to the geographical names or locations, for instance, Rick’s Auto Body, Suburban Autobody, etc.
  3. Names that include the word ‘auto’ in different variations. This group of brands and two previous ones are related to cars, repair, and auto details. However, these very names are “broader”: they are not directly associated with the car parts, but they still are related to the certain business sphere. In other words, your store will not be confused with a bakery or antique shop. Just like the first group of brands, they can be combined with various, thematic or unrelated to the cars words, for example, Ralph’s Auto Center, Mountain Top Auto Shop, Auto Dynamics, GIC Car Clinic, etc.
  4. Brands Associated with Races and Speed. Such brands as Racing Road, Race My Wheels, and Racers’ Territory are also popular among business owners.
  5. Other original names. Some of these brands are not related to cars at all, while the rest are associated with automobiles, though not directly. Do not refuse from this option because the names are less thematic – they have their advantages. Particularly, they are quite memorable and sound really good.


1. Names that Include the Word ‘Parts’ in Different Combinations


Advance Auto Parts

Alex Auto Parts


Alliance Auto Parts

American Parts


Arch Auto Parts

Auto Parts Nerd


Best Auto Parts



Beyond Performance Racing Parts

Champion High Performance Auto Parts (& Installation)



Emilio Auto Parts

Enthrall Engine Parts

Fast Track Auto Parts

Fender Bender Auto Parts

Freedom Parts

Grandstand High Performance Auto Parts

High Velocity Auto Parts

Ideal Car Parts


Japan Auto Parts

JDM Parts



Landy Parts


Leon’s Auto Parts

Liberty Auto Parts Inc


London Parts

Luke Auto Parts International Inc


Metropolitan Automotive Parts

Miguel Auto Parts

Morningstar Auto Parts

Mr. Bargain II Auto Parts


Neptune Auto Parts


Parts Authority





Pedal to the Metal Auto Parts

Pedal to the Mettle Auto Parts

Performance Auto Parts and Accessories


Poll Position Auto Parts

Pony Auto Parts Inc

Power Performance Parts

Prime Automotive Parts Co. Inc

Primo Auto Parts

ProTek Parts

Race Trax Auto Parts

Raceway Parts

Racing Parts

Regal Auto Parts

Son Auto Parts Co

T&M Auto Parts

Ted’s Auto Parts

Tri Star Auto Parts

Ultimate Used Auto Parts

Universal Used Auto Parts

Winners Circle High Performance Auto Parts

2. Names that Include the Phrase ‘Auto Body Shop’ or ‘Auto Body Supplies’

Adams Body Shop

Auto-Mode Body Shop

Bobby’s Auto Repair & Body Shop

Cascades Auto Body

Classics Auto Body

Eagle Auto Body

Elite Auto Body

First Choice Auto Body & Repair

Future Body shop

Global Auto Repair & Bodyshop

Gold Star Auto Body

Golden Eagle Auto Body & Paint

High Beam Body Shop

High Tech Body Shop

J & A Body Shop

Johnnies Auto Body Shop

Legacy Autobody Shop

Master Auto Body Supplies

Network Auto Body

New Oriental Body Shop Inc.

Pro Auto Body

Quality Plus & Kevork Body Shop

Rick’s Auto Body

Rocket City Body Shop

Suburban Autobody

Sunset Body Works

Temple Total Autobody

Ultra Auto Body

Wax On Auto Detailing

West Loop Auto Body

Wicked Wrench Body Shop

3. Names that Include the Word ‘Auto’ in Different Variations

4Aces Auto

4Corners2Home Auto

A+ Auto Care

A-1 Automotive

AAA Auto Mechanic

Ace Auto Experts

Afficianado Auto

Auto Dynamics

Auto Hustlers

Auto Maven

Auto Performance Pitstop

Auto Pro Auto Supply

Auto pursuit

Auto Speck

Auto Spinz

Auto Stop

Auto Supply

Auto World

Auto Zone

Auto Zoom




AutoMed Mechanics





Best Ride Auto

Black Bear Auto

Boulevard Car

Burnt Rubber Auto

Calibrated Auto

Car Doctor

Car Surgeons

Car X Tire & Auto

Carbon N Chrome Auto Shop


Clean Street Auto Detailing

Colonial Auto Center

Custom Auto Craft

Daytona Auto


Downtown Auto Care

Dream Machines

DreamOn Auto

Emergency Auto Shop

Enchanted Auto

Engines 2 Mufflers Auto

Expert Auto

Express Auto Shop

Fast Track Auto Shop

FastDream Auto

FasTrax Auto

Flexmaster Auto

Flipped Auto

Frankie's Famous Auto Shop

GForce Pro Auto

GIC Car Clinic

Happy Helpers Auto

Holiday Auto Center

Ignition Auto Inc.

Inertia Auto

Innovative Auto Craft


Lucy’s Auto Center

MadCarDealer com

Metro Auto Supply Inc

Mountain Top Auto Shop

Musclebound Auto

New Central Auto

Nuts and Bolts Car Garage

One Stop Auto Shop

Performance Auto InnOvations

Performance Auto Source

Phelps Brothers Auto Garage

Pit Crew Auto

Pit Stop Auto Shop

PowerFlex Auto

Precision Auto Clinic

Pro Auto

Ralph’s Auto Center

Ready To Go Auto

Retroflex Auto

Ripped Auto

Screamin' Motors Auto Shop

Screwdriver Auto Shop

Shifters Auto Garage

Smith Automotive

Speedway Alley Auto

SpinOut Auto

Star Auto

Stok'd Auto

Stroke Auto

The Auto Authority

The Auto Man

The Car Clinic

The Car Guys

Tiger Rite Auto Store

Turbo Automotive

Vine Auto Center

Yoon’s Auto Center


Zoom Auto Express

4. Brands Associated with Races and Speed

Fit to Race

Mad4 Speed

Race my Ride

Race My Wheels

Racer's Headquarters

Racer's Paradise

Racer's Pitstop






Racing Haven

Racing Pitstop

Racing Road


Ready to Race


SpeedDaddy Performance

SuperSpeed Performance

The Racer's Edge

5. Other Original Names


Affordable Care


Blue Ridge Tire


Echomotors Vehicle Engineers

Element Engine Specialists

Euro Spec Motoring

Extreme Performance Palace

FireDry com

Fit to Ride


Hank's Garage

Heavenly Pitstop

High Performance Pitstop



Just Patchy Mechanic

King Mechanic

Motor City


Nodrive55 com

Performance Evolution

Performance Techs

Performance Zone



Rampage Replacements

Right Solution

Road Authority

Spare Tire Wheels and More

Starr Motors

Street Eagle

Street Regal

The Carbon Hood

The Manic Mechanic

The Shop

TheQ7 or The Q7 com

Turbo Zone



Woods Mechanic